Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tips on Creating One Layer Wonder

Hello friends!
One of the great things about stamping lies in its simplicity.
Take one layer card as an example, all you need to do is stamping the images. I am sharing a few tips with you as you may benefit from my trials and errors over my years of stamping.
I am using "Look for the Miracles" stamp set as my example.
I only used the small flowers, vines and leaves images to convey a thoughtful design. 


Where to start when you try to keep it one layer?
Ding---> start with a stamp that you love....

Tips on creating one layer:
~make sure your hands and fingers are clean: the unnecessary smudges are a nuisance. It helps to use a piece of paper to cover the card surface when stamping.
~plan out your design before stamping: stamp your design on a piece of scrap paper first (when possible). This will avoid wasting precious card stock.
~think about the beginning, the middle and the end: for this card, I planned out the invisible borders first. Then I stamped the flower and vines around. At the end, I stamped and fill the small images between space. 
For final touches, it was embellished with Liquid Pearl Pearlescent. I want to mention that the Liquid Pearl Pearlescent is such a great accessory for creating one layers. They enhances the colors, dimensions and movement to the design without adding the bulk.

Hope today's post gives you some inspiration about One Layer.
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Friday, July 1, 2016

Virginia's Die Hard Series (Part 4)

Happy Canada Day!
I am sharing the last segment of "Virginia's Die Hard Series". 
  "Frame Cut Dies Paper Layering Daisy with Frame"

This die really is awesome on many levels since it has TWO parts--outer and inner die. 
I used "Partial Die Cut" technique for my project. I made two place cards with the flower and place card as one piece. DSC_0348 (5)  

I am sure you can find many "Partial Die Cut" You Tube videos if you are not familiar with it. With some planning, it is rather easy to do.

DSC_0341 (1)  

On the backside of the place card, I added an extra daisy, so the place card will look great from any angle. I am saving these for special entertaining occasions. 
daisy flowers
While I was at it, I made a few extra flowers for the table top decorations. I think these are perfect for doing craft project with children. All they need to do is add colors to the daisies with sprays or crayons, markers...watercolors.

To sum up this post, I have a group photo of all the projects in this Die Hard series.
New folder

 I hope that you are inspired by this wonderful die. I will continue to be on a look out for featuring dies in a few creative ways. Thank you for using the affiliate links to shop as this will help me tremendously in running this blog and my challenge blog.
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inspired by Colors!

Hello there!
 Once in a while, I got asked by friends:
"What online card-making classes are you taking these days?"
"How do you get ideas and come up with the designs?"
"What do you do to improve your styles/skills?"

HP (Close-up)

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind....
I wish I have magic answers to those questions.
I can only say: "Think more, make more and explore more".

Today's post explains how I came up with a card.
I simply felt inspired...I played and then I created.


The stamped borders may look "random", but it is every bit planned and nearly symmetrical. I heavily relied on my trusty MISTI for stamping the borders. This handy Grid Transparency is perfect for lining up the images, especially the sentiment. Each leaf was stamped up to three times. I also want to point out Wink of Stella (Gold) that I used for splattering. I rarely use it to touch up the image, but it is really handy when it comes to adding splatter. I love it for this simple reason.


I wasn't planning to do any challenge any time soon. But when I saw the inspiration photo over Altenew,  I couldn't helping creating something...
The colors ( and DT Amy's wedding dress) are simply exquisite!

I hope that you look around your surroundings and perhaps you will be inspired to create something. And better yet, join a challenge like this one--->Virginia's View Challenge 
(sorry that I am a little biased-LOL).

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