Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wonders

I'm VERY honored and thrilled to be spotlighted on today's Wednesday Wonders by our ULTRA talented stamping Goddess Deborah (aka Gigi). Here's Wednesday Wonders . Thank you, Deborah, for taking the time to look through my Flickr photostream late at night before posting.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being thos week's WW!!! And your very new blog - what a surprise!! Congrats on that too!!!
Love, Anette :o)

Kathy said...

Doubble Woo Hoo to see one Virginia who has the biggest hear!!!!! Virginia you are so funny.....I love what you said "Ask not what the stamp can do for you but, what you can do for the stamp" lol just love this!! This should be the header on your blog...
So happy for you and so well deserved!
Hugs you hostess SisTA Kathy

Stamping Cafe said...

Great interview, Virginia!! Congrats! Deborah totally ROCK!

BTW, I love you new blog! So happy you started one!

nancy demond said...

V - your interview for Deborah was great, so you. Loved to see that, so happy for you. That new craft room is so great, hope you are enjoying it!! love you now, Nan1

Vanessa said...

Hi! I didn`t know you have a blog! There was nothing linked to your comments on my blog! Loved your interview!


fika said...

SO happy seeing you've been featured in the WW yesterday!! love both recipes too, i'll try as soon as i moved into my new house (perhaps asking my SIL to help me with the cooking things)!! Anyway i'm so happy seeing you, your cards and the most of it I enjoy the interview part!!

Tomo H. said...

Hi! Congrats, Virginia!!!
I didn't know you already created 200 or more cards. 'Your family lives on Chocolate Chip Cookies'!? *giggle*
Loved to read your interview!
Sorry for my belated congrats to you ... I could catch up with all the interviews today.

Love, Tomo