Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEW Series--- Wednesday's Cookie/ Card (week 1)

Do cookies and cards mix? Apparently YES! At least they do co-exist in my blog. This has been an idea slowly brewing/cooking in my head. Thanks to my DD Stephanie, she complained several times that I don't make cookies like I used to any more...thanks to my avid card-making (well, something's gotta give!). So the clever girl suggested : "Why don't  you make cookies FIRST and then take the inspiration from the cookies and make a card/project!?". BINGO! Since holiday season is coming fast and furious, I am taking this chance to make cookies for people we appreciate throughout the year-teachers, friends and neighbors, just like I always do. This new Wednesday's feature will motivate me to make cookies and cards. Sounds good? I plan to do six Wednesdays up till Dec. 22. Hope you will support me in this endeavor and you can also reap some tasty benefits.
So let's get on to the cookie part...the recipe is from Martha Stewart's Chocolate Thumbprints. I was a little rusty on making this my cookies appeared to be way bigger than the suggested size (easier to eat, right!?). I started with the dough and then used my thumb to make the indents.
The making of the chocolate sauce
Fill in the sauce....this is the yummiest part :)
What do you think? Give it a try? It's really not that hard. I didn't have quite enough of the chocolate sauce, so I filled two with some jam that a dear friend brought from France (you can use ANY jam).
Do make sure you read through the entire recipe beforehand. Last but not least...the cookie-inspired card! 
I thought of circles, light brown, cream, red and pink.
just because
I hope this post will inspire you to try the recipe or to make a card!  I'm thankful that I have this creative outlet to share my love of cooking and card-making with you. I would love to see what you cook up as well, please link your cookie-inspired card or card-inspired cookie (or BOTH) with the Inlinkz ! You can say this is the NEW cookie/card swap.