Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More from EtsyInsired Challenge

I'm so loving the etsy-inspired-challenge #81's sponsor Ponder and Stitch and I would LOVE to win Digit Stamp CharactersSo I had to have another go. This is the picture that inspired me.
Isn't it GORGEOUS!? I have never tried this color combo (shocking, I know!) and I wish I have more time this week. But I just got called to work Dr. John's office ....as we are short-staffed this late afternoon!
Anyhow I did a quick embossing job. It looked kind of messy/sloppy, but I decided that it's O--K-- .... since I made my own pattern paper in this case. And there's no right or wrong look  :)
So what do ya think? I'm glad to get that Speckled Ornament stamp out to play as I don't use it nearly enough. I'm sharing a happy picture of David in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
Enjoy the little things!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Inspired Challenge # 81

I have always loved the Pur Innocence images, especially seeing so many super adorable cards from sweet Donna's (be sure to stop by as she is having a giveaway). I joked to Donna that she should get the images for FREE since she does such incredible job with all of them!

Now I finally find the chance and courage to make a card with my one and only Pur Innocence stamp (thank you, Kathy R.). Etsy-inspired Challenge #81 is sponsered by Digi Stamp Characters by Heather Ellis. Her images are absolutely precious! Heather will be giving the lucky challenge winner 3 digital images(!!!). All I need to do is check out the Ponder and Stitch and be inspired by. I chose the purse (see above) image that I loosely based my card on. I am still improving my copic coloring skills...so don't laugh!!
My fellow Canadian blog friend Anita  made a suggestion in my last post's comment. She asked me to share one funny photo of David's trip to Italy in each post. I thought that is great idea, so I'm parting you with one fun photo and hope this will put a smile on your face!
David took this photo for his travel mates who posed in a shop of Sorrento. The Italian have some humor!!
That's "some aprons", huh? That will make a great GAG gift, wouldn't it?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Froggie Card and Scenic Photos from Italy..

First I'd like to share a fun birthday card. I made this for my 15-year old neighbor. This is first time I used the Flower Frog stamp which was sent to me by a very dear friend.
Now...the moment you've been waiting for (not!?)-the travel photos! Let's take a look at the top 10 13 scenic photos from David's trip to Italy.  Some funny photos will be posted later as there are TOO MANY!
Sunset picture taken from the bus to the hotel in Sorrento.
Hour-long boat tour to Capri. (Look at the water and grotto...!)
the famous Faraglioni, one of the three enormous, pale-ochre limestone colossi that loom out of sea

Taormina, a scenic town perched high above the sea. Here's the 3rd-century Greek theater in town.
Mount Etna-Europe's highest (and active) volcano...David took a hike here!
Palermo, capital of Sicily
Pompeii, one of the riches archeological sites in the world.
Now it is fully excavated and you can see the simulated artifacts on display.
St Peter's Square, Vatican City
What's Rome without the Colosseum?  It played host to the most incredible spectacles of the day ( namely the gladiator and animal hunts) and accommodated up to 50,000 people.
A look of the inside and underground
And lastly, the world-renown Trevi Fountains

And here's a picture of the music box that David should have bought me. He said it was "too expensive" (for a 15-year old, yes! $50-70 US each)...and he didn't think I have that much jewelry anyways ( what!? ) !!
I think it will make a nice box for my cards, right? David certainly did a fabulous job capturing all these awesome views! True feast for the eyes!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Food from Italy (warning: this may cause drooling )

I comissioned David to take some interesting food photos while he was in Italy and he delivered (what a good boy!). Here are the samples!
Look at the bakery shop! I asked David if he got to buy some, he said there was no time as they quickly walked by-shame!
See that Gelato? David did had his gelato and said that they are " SUPER creamy"! Sounds heavenly!!
This pizza looks ordinary enough, right!? Not so, according to David (droooool!)

Some appetizer this is..I think it's FRESH Mozzarella with olive oil and tomato-can anything be more Italian than this!?
And will you look at the glorious pasta?

Lastly, the dessert! Why, it's Tiramisu, of course! 
Can you guess how many photos David took from this trip? 1138 of them!! I am having a hard time narrowing down the scenic pictures and I will pick the top10 in the next post or two. Keep your eyes peeled :)
For now I thank my David for taking these awesome food photos.
David ( Mount Etna in the background)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goodies from Italy...

 Yesterday David came home from his EF tour to Italy and it was a SUCCESS! His teacher told me: " The sites were spectacular, the weather was great and the students received nothing but praise everywhere they went. The hotels, restaurants, guides and even Air Canada made a point of telling our Tour Director or me how wonderful they all were! Wow! Can you get better than that?

Before the trip I reminded David what to buy and what NOT to buy. Apparently he listened and he does shop  like his Mama....so here's what he brought back from the trip. Olive oil, jams, honey, calendar for 2011. We are all set :)
And PASTA! I know he would have gotten more if he had the room (small suitcase he used). Not only are these pasta  tasty (I'm sure), they are so beautiful in the shapes and sizes!
I guess they only have one brand/kind of chocolate in Italy!!! I asked why he didn't get other brands/varieties. He told me that this is the ONLY kind that he likes!
And some crumbs cookies! I wonder what they taste like.
fancy note pads...they are $8 US each! but look at the "dimensions"...got to love that!

The "crazy stories" from his trip are mostly about David taking unauthorized unflattering stalker photos of his travel mates. For some odd reason he became quite a paparazzi during this trip. Good thing he didn't join the Mafia (after all he did visit Sicily!!!).  I will share some scenic and funny pictures in my next post or two. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hug a TREE!

I stumbled upon the lovely tree image from Treehouse Stamps
late last night and I just fell in love with that free tree image.
So what's stamper got to do? I HAD to make a card with it right away... it was around 1 AM when I started! It didn't take me long as I went to bed around 2:30am! I can get away with it since David is not home...YET! 
I printed out the tree image twice (once on white card stock and once on green American Craft paper). I colored the the tree images on white sheet with copics and paper-piece the colored ones.
Then I put them together with pop dots for added dimensions. And most of you know that I love to use Starbucks coffee sleeves...so I had to sneak that in :)  Since my daughter Stephanie is studying Environmental Science in university, I felt this image really is awesome for someone (or anyone really) like her! I definitely will love to make more of this quick card!
Here's are two pictures of my son David's travel in Italy that I got from the EF Travel website.
He is my super sweet smiley boy (at the lower left). Here he was in St. Peter's Square, Vatican city (sorry for the poor quality of the photo)
YES....! I just checked his flight status. The plane just landed in Toronto from Frankfurt! I shall share his pictures and stories! WELOCOME HOME, David!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Egg cards!

I bought a set of Basic Grey Easter stamps at my LSS a while ago and I finally got to use them for the first time. Since stamping each egg is labor-intensive, I decided to make two cards out of it. 
The egg stamps are really tiny (size of a finger nail), so I think it's best used as background stamps
I took out my TH distress Ink to stamp the eggs in all different colors.
I'm sharing a photo of "goodies" that I got in the mail this past week. Yummy chocolate from Donna and her most adorable doll card! Jane's (Tainan Jane) handmade key chain and her most elaborate card with intricate details. I bought ourselves the two Easter Bunnnies just because both of my children are away at the moment (Stephanie likes dark chocolate and David likes milk chocolate).
I'm anxiously waiting for David's return from Italy on Tuesday. His teacher sent me an e-mail from Rome this morning :" David's having a blast! He has lots of photos and even more crazy stories! " I really want to know the crazy stories that he has to tell me.... NOW! Can't wait!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Embellish Challenge-(using FABRIC)!

I knew this would be QUITE the challenge. Since I don't sew or stitch, using fabric is the last thing I do. However, I just LOVE the look of it. I often admire the flawless stitching and sewing adorning other people's cards. I have yet to get a sewing machine! Yup, I own a few things, but not a sewing machine (shame!). The Embellish Magazine 's challenge looks like something I have to tackle right on....so here it is! I used FABRIC without sewing or stitching! When there's a will, there is a way!
The butterfly is from a pair of Dr. John' REALLY old  (clean, of course) jeans .
It was so faded that I had to distress it with 2 Tim Holtz blue inks
I then stamped over it and cut out the butterfly. So there's the FABRIC! Love the textured look of the butterfly. I may now use more of that pair of jeans as I didn't think Dr. John wants to wear it with a big square piece cutout of it.

 I was just so thrilled to find THIS out today. I know this could be a beginner's luck (I AM a beginner in digital stamps), but I am relishing this moment and try to remember it's the "process" that makes this journey beautiful and worthwhile. Thank you to all my blogging friends who continue to give me your comments/feedback. YOU make my journey truly WONDERFUL!