Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chicken Pot Pie!

No card today! As the weather is getting colder, I tend to make more comfort food. This happened when I made the pie .
Stephanie: ....smells like pies!
David: Yeah... (both coming home from outside)
S: It's the savory kind....not sweet pies!
V: Wow, how did you know!!! I made a Chicken Pot Pie!
 My daughter Stephanie surely knows/nose her food!
 This is my very own recipe as it has been tried and tested numerous times.
For the pie filling: 
3 large chicken breasts, 1 cup of green beans, 1 sweet potato, 1 can of corn, 1 large carrot, 2 celery stalks, 2 onions, and a can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken (no adding water), herbs (if any), salt, pepper
1. Cook the chicken first till almost done, then add onions, celery, carrots, sweet potato, mix well and cook through.
2 . Prepare pie crusts, pour in the filling, add the top crust. Cover with thin foil on top.
3 . Bake at 450 F for 20 min., then turn down the temp to 350 F and bake another 20 min. Enjoy!
PS: for the pie crust, you can use store bought crust, but I always love to make my own.
Hope you enjoy the comfort of some home baking perhaps.... 
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Barb said...

Looks absolutely delicious, V! YUM!!!

Lin said...

Just perfect for our current weather! I've never thought of adding sweet potatoes - looks yummy, V! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

Sheila H said...

Your chicken pot pie looks amazing! Happy eating :)

joy said...

This looks so delicious, Virginia! I am sure the smells would be very tantalizing for anyone entering your home. Thanks for the recipe - I will have to give it a try soon.

alexandra s.m. said...

I'm coming over NOW!
and Mark too, it's his favorite!
you are too good!
Thank You!!

mimijudy1975 said...

Your Chicken Pot pie looks wonderful,Virginia.
Perfect weather for food that is so comforting. I'm sure there are delicious smells coming from your kitchen.Thanks for sharing your recipe. I had never had thought to include sweet potatoes.Will try this sometime.

mimijudy1975 said...

Just read Lin's comment and saw where ours were alike . YOu make a lot of us happy with your sharing !!

Kelly Griglione said...

Oh wow does this look tasty!!! [hangs head thinking about the single serving chicken pot pie Jackson dug out of the freezer and had to microwave all by himself this afternoon]

Michelle said...

Yum! Maybe I'll try this tomorrow night! Thank-you for sharing the recipe! :-)

Karen said... you have me wanted chicken pot pie....yummy...
Between your cooking skills, crafting skills, cardmaking skills, wow....I am impressed!

Laura B. said...

I love when you post food! This looks so yummy!

Alice Wertz said...

mmm…. again, is the house next door for sale? =) thanks for the recipe!