Saturday, February 7, 2015

Virginia's Monthly Stamp Study #5

Hello! It's the exciting time to share my Monthly Stamp Study projects with you. This study takes place right here in this blog on the first Saturday every month. This month I chose Altenew's Whimsical Flowers as my study subject. 

This set consists of 3 large flowers, 3 small flowers (all with solid and outlines) and a few small dots, leaves and stems. As you can imagine, the stamping possibilities are endless. If you love floral images and layered stamping, then you must consider getting this set! 
Be warned-this is a photo-heavy post.
Originally I planned to make 3 cards with this stamp set, but I ended making 6, 7,  8

Card#1 Thank You
thank you
~ stamp the solid flower image with bright inks on white card stock
~emboss the outlines in gold on vellum and let the bright color shine through

Card #2 Wishing you the happiest birthday
wishing you the happiest birthday!
~apply Peerless watercolor and water onto the flower stamps and stamp on the watercolor paper
~after the images are dry, stamp the outlines accordingly
~stamp the sentiment in Delicata Gold and embellish

Card #3 You inspire me
you inspire me
~stamp the flower images in chalk ink (white) on kraft card stock
~after the white chalk inks are dry, stamp in the colors
~stamp the outlines and add burlap and pattern paper (Vivienne, Basic grey)

Card #4 Thanks a Bunch
thanks a bunch
~stamp the outline flowers onto pattern paper (Basic Grey's Vivienne)
~stamp the stems, trim the flowers, arrange accordingly
~use Pico Embellisher to color the outlines of flowers and stems
 Card #5 Just For You
just for you
~white emboss the sold flower images
~apply the yellow ink dauber to the centers of each flower
~stamp the stem/leaves and the outlines of the flowers in assorted colors
~add bright neon pink splatter
~embellish with silver strings, sequins and Washi Tape.

Card #6 Thank you
thank you
~use the smallest flower stamp and stamp in 3 colors (navy blue, purple and yellow) repeatedly
~stamp the smallest dots to add interest
~stamp the sentiment 3 times in 3 colors, add gems

What a LOT of cards, eh?
one stamp set, 6 cards
I thought it was lovely to have a group photo, but then I came up with MORE (gasp!). 
Card #7 Thank You
thank you
~I came up with #7 as part of my home work for the Online Card Class the other day. I already shared it and you can find the details here. I am including it in this post for reference.

Card #8 You inspire me
you inspire me
~this card is 100% stamped
~use paint and paint splatter to color the images with a DIY mask from the stamped image 
~use the smallest dots to stamp the splatter

Are you still with me...? Hello!!?

What's your favorite--#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 or #8?
Is 8 enough? LOL.

I would love to have your feedback! If you really enjoy this series, please let me know, so I would continue. Thanks for stopping by! 


Jessica Frost-Ballas said...

WOW! You really outdid yourself this week! I love the stamp study and I hope you'll continue! :) My favorite card is #2 with the peerless watercolors and the gold thread but #5 is a close second. I love the addition of the polka dot washi tape!! Beautiful work!!

Tracey McNeely said...

This post has got me running to buy some more Altenew. What a gorgeous collection of classy & elegant cards Virginia!

Tracey McNeely said...

...I guess I should answer but I love them all but #7 & #8 are so so pretty!

de Groot Jacqueline said...

My absolute favorite is the first and it is pinned. You made some beauties with these stamps - such creativity. The designs can be done over and over with different stamps and colors - such great creativity!

joy said...

These stamps are gorgeous and your cards are just fabulous, Virginia. I love #1 the best - so soft and elegant. I predict a sellout on this stamp set!!

Susi Kelly said...

I just love seeing all the different cards created by one stamp set (and a lovely one at that!) - Card No. 1 had me at the get-go, while 5, 6 & 7 are a close 2nd. So hard to choose with all these gorgeous cards, Virginia!

~amy~ said...

wow...super fun! I always love it when you do this feature!

Katie said...

WOW!!! Amazing. You are so clever. I love the clean-ness of the 8th card, but there is not one that is not fantastic.

Angelique Vela said...

My Favorite is #1. Though, it's not the only one I liked. ;D

Pam said...

Wow! These are fabulous, I love #1 the most.

Taunya Butler said...

You seriously went to town with a very gorgeous looking stamp set from Altenew!! I love all these beautiful cards that ate bursting with bright, happy flowers and colors.. All so well done - my favorites are #1 and # 7 - most gorgeously done!!! Love this post idea and I learned a lot through the different techniques you used on all these cards - thank you for sharing your incredible skills and talents with us!!! Please have a gloriously beautiful weekend!!!

Lin said...

Beautiful work, Virginia! You've really shown us so many possibilities for this lovely set!

Alanna said...

Wow! Words cannot express how great these all are. Absolutely amazing.

nlwilson46 said...

Continue please. What a versatile stamp set! Thanks for all the great cards.

Mandy LaCroix said...

I love these posts!! And this one is no exception! Great great job!!!! Kudos!!!!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

I just left a comment and thisi robot thingy REALLY ate my comment. THEN I saw this IGNORE alert from you so I will try again.
Love the series here and I cannot pick any one card as a fav as each one is a masterpiece and I find it so fun to see the possiblities of one stamp set.

Kara Lynne said...

I LOVE this series!! Yes, more please! What a wonderful way to show the versatility of those beautiful flowers! Each one is wonderful, I couldn't pick just one.

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Amazing! Love the first 2!

Harriet said...

Gasp...a favorite your ask--all of them as a total of one delightful stamp set.

Shelly said...

OH.MY...Your are truly amazing, Virginia! Love, love, love! So inspiring!

Melissa F said...

I LOVE your stamp studies! They are a great way to remind me of techniques I haven't used in awhile, or introduce me to new ones I haven't tried yet. These studies also make me look at my own stash to see how I can do these techniques: oh yeah, like those little bits of pretty PP that I cannot throw away and now they are flower die cuts with some embossed outline stamping! Yay, thanks so much Virginia!

Miriam Prantner said...

What gorgeous cards! You have shown so many great ways to use these flowers, I especially love that first one with the vellum!

Ruby N said...

LOVE all of these! You are such an inspiration. I have been thinking about doing something like that. I tend to just make a bunch of cards with one or two sets. :) Each and every one is all the colors you picked and the design/layouts. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a great weekend!

Lagene said...

WOWZERS! What gorgeous flowers, love your cards!

Susan F. said...

Wow, seeing the display really shows how many different looks one stamp can bring. I love them. It's hard to pick a favorite. I think I'll have to go with #2. I love the technique of #1.

Dawn Turley said...

I am totally amazed by your creativity Virginia. If i had to choose just one of these .....I'd go with the second one... but LOVE them all...each has redeeming qualities of their own. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work.

conil said...

Whoa...this is very impressive. Love this set but after seeing your post I realize how much it's been underutilized here at the old craft space. Each one of your cards is gorgeous and inspirational.

Niki G said...

Holy cannoli! I'm in love with them all. You totally made me want to buy this set as you had so many diversely gorgeous designs! Soooo pretty Virginia!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Fabulous cards, Virginia - I always enjoy this segment on your blog! Pick a fave - are you kidding? Too hard! But I do like the shaker card and #8 too - so bright and happy!!

Maria said...

What a fun post with different variations of the stamp! And, I couldn't possibly choose just one! I love them pretty!!!

Barb Ghig said...

Oh my goodness, Virginia...what a STUNNING parade of gorgeous-ness! I just bought this stamp set, and you have truly inspired me to ink it up... Thanks so much for sharing all of these beautiful cards with us today!

vinita jain said...

Outstanding job done with one stamp set only, so beautiful and versatile! I love them all and my favorites are first and last one!

Carol McCready said...

Number 1 is my absolute favorite. It looks so elegant.

But the rest of them are just
Thank you for sharing.

Linda R said...

Oh my.. They are all so beautiful.


Holly AKA KopyKat said...

These are all so fabulous, but that first one is so stunning, I love it.

Magaly said...

Beautiful cards!

ionabunny said...

Yes, please continue with this. It's so nice to see so many uses for the same stamp. All these are amazing. So different. Love the shaker and #6. Hugz

cm said...

Yes PLEASE continue with this series, Virginia! Far too often I buy stamps that I use only once or twice, when truly, I could do much more with them, as you've shown with your STUNNING gallery of eight! So incredibly lovely. What a fabulous gift set they would make! As for a favourite...hmmm...can't do it! They're all toooooo amazing!

Cindy Beach said...

This is my first time to your blog and your study is amazing! So many ideas and beautiful cards with the same set. WOW!!! #2 is my favorite because I love the colors but #7 is next. I love the way you applied the lesson from OCC, you are so talented.

Deepti said...

Incredible ! I am so inspired :)

sweetkisses2010 said...

I like 2 and 7 they all nice cards a lot nice cards with one stamp set