Saturday, May 2, 2015

Virginia's Monthly Stamp Study #8

Hello friends! I am excited to share my projects with you for the Monthly Stamp Study. I have been busy with birthday celebrations and traveling lately and I didn't think I could do it...and I was thinking that it will be a no-go! LOL
Somehow I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it.... -yay! 
This month's SSS Card Kit came to the rescue! I thought it would be fun to showcase the kit as my monthly stamp study. As wedding season approaches, this kit is IDEAL to create wedding and any celebratory types of cards! I have quite a few requests from church friends, so the timing is awesome! The pattern paper and stamps are a perfect match made in heaven, so to speak.

Be warned: photo-heavy post 
(if you like to see the larger photos, just click on the photo and it will take you to Flickr site)

Card #1
This is the first card that I made with this kit. I had to make a card to go with the pattern paper. It's just that easy. I love the white Pico Embellisher (you can use white gel pen instead) to add the white dotty textures.
#1 Mr. & Mrs.

Card #2
This set comes with a stamp set called "Congratulations" and one of the stamps has a tiny dot background that I can see myself reaching for it over and over again. I cut out the diamonds from the pattern paper. I love how they work seamlessly with the paper I chose.
#2 Happily Ever After

Card #3
Can there be too many of a good thing? I think not. I love a lot of elements from this kit and with the help of vellum, I managed to pull the busy pattern paper, bright gold sticker, cut-out diamond, strings, sentiment and sequins together.

#3 Congratulations

Card #4
Sometimes it's just that obvious, the stamp itself gives you the idea what to do with it...I simply stamped and made a knot! 
#4 tying the knot
Card #5
For this card, I decided that the design needs a little "oomph", so I made a large bow with the pattern paper!

#5 Congratulations

Card #6
This kit is perfect to make a banner design. With all the pretty pattern paper and stickers, what's not to love?

#6 to th happy couple

Card #7
Ribbons...!? Remember those? And do you still know how to tie a knot? I nearly forgot how to. Thanks to this kit, I got to have a little bit of practice.

#7 tying the knot

Card #8
I love the large pink/gold polka dot paper and HAD to make a card with it.   
Again, vellum saves the day!

#8 Today is the day

Card #9
I can't resist the romantic and feminine pattern paper... and came up with my last design.

#9 congratulations

 Hello....are you still with me? 
Phew, that was a lot of cards in one post. But you made it! As you can tell, I had a "field day".... Now I know if I ever got stranded on an island, I know which kit that I should bring. :)

If you have never tried a card kit and would like a challenge (see how many you can make with one kit), especially if you need to make lots of wedding cards, this is a GOOD one. I still have tons of pattern paper that I don't know what to do with it...the plus side with this kit is that it comes with a new Simon Says Stamp Ink called Soft Pale Pink (yum!).
I hope that you enjoy this Monthly Stamp Study series.
Please check my previous post about taking classes over Craftsy (links to discount included here) if interested. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Wow, are THE BOMB when it comes to your creative ideas with kits! Thank you so much for sharing...I feel some CASES coming on when my kit arrives, Sistah!
Sunshine Sharon

Melissa F said...

Wow, I love all the different techniques and layouts you did with this card kit! Your cards are stunning! I'm wanting to try a card kit now!

Lisa said...

Holy smokes Virginia, these are gorgeous!! This gold is elegant and looks perfect on every card!

MeredythG said...

What a beautiful series of summer wedding cards! I love the idea of using a kit to produce so many different looks and you have an excellent eye for placing embellishments. I think #8 is my favourite, but I also love #5 and #4 and....

Loly Borda-Towery said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Love all of them! I agree with you, this kit is fabulous! TFS

Miriam Prantner said...

What a fantastic set of cards! I love all the gold in this kit, it is a winner for sure!

conil said...

All right...I'm officially impressed. I haven't even cracked my kit open yet and here you are making 9 (count them 9) spectacular cards along with everything else you're doing. **I bow deeply to your genius*

Harriet said...

Lovely cards made in so many different styles. You DID make it, Virginia, you are super.

Alice Wertz said...

these colors are so yummy together! love how you used this kit! amazing work as always, Virginia!!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

What a lovely set of cards with the SSS card kit, Virginia!! Oh, I could've used that diamond for my parents' anniversary card - I had to make do with a die cut... Just love all the gold you used!!

Barb Ghig said...

You never cease to amaze and inspire me, Virginia! I really love all the different designs and how you played with all that lovely 'Gold'! WOW! This is definitely the kit to have :)

Sharon Salerno said...

I passed on this kit and now I am sorry! It is gorgeous and I love the cards.

Shelly said...

Ooooh, GORGEOUS cards!

Carol McCready said...

Your cards from the kit are fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

Laura B. said...

9 cards? you go, girlfriend:) that is amazing!!! this kit is so gorgeous! love all the gold metallic touches with soft pink!

Dawn Turley said...

AMAZING!!!!!! You are a machine Virginia

alexandra s.m. said...

You BLOW my mind...again...and again...and again!

donna mikasa said...

Oh, my word! You worked that kit, Virginia! I love all your cards, but I'm especially drawn to #2. CAS perfection!

Nicole Parmentier said...

Oh wow, the possibilties of this kit are endless. I also totally came in a flow when I opened that box. I love every card you made with it!!!!!

Michelle P. said...

You are amazing! I love all of your cards. They're beautifully feminine tfs