Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Create Your Own Sentiment

Hello friends! I am popping in to share a fun and cute card.
I decided to create a fun sentiment with this Game Tile set from Simon Says Stamp. 
The cool thing about this set is that it is actually an alphabet set and it allows you to create any sentiment that you like...with the Scrabble tiles!
 The colorful Scrabble tiles were leftovers from my DIY watercolor paper.  I layered it over vellum and added the white embossed paste dots (with Tiny Dot Stencil). I also used Pico Embellisher to add some splatter to the background. The paper pad is from American Crafts. For the extra wow factor, I hand stitched the top left corner.

 I like how this card turned out :) 

Day 5 of our bird-watching
 "Feed me...just feed me, Mama!".

Well, that's all, folks! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Stenciled Card

Hi there!
Before we get to today's card....you need to see this first.
We are into Day 4 of bird watching. Dr. John did an awesome job in capturing these sweet moments. More amazing photos (and a video!) at the end of this post.
Have you played with any stencils lately?
I felt that I have not maximized the use of my stencils.
Today's card was a result of playing with the stencil from Memory Box. I also love the large sentiment from Congratulations (Simon Say Stamp). I combined the two elements together and this is the result.
Happy for you
About this card: 
 ~the sentiment area was masked first with a piece of copy paper. Place the stencil over and start stenciling.
~the color palette was derived from a fashion magazine "In Style"
~the borders were masked off with the help of the negative die cut (using Stitched Rectangles)
~Distress Inks were applied selectively in threes. Noticed the 3 colors were applied in all 3 corners?
~the silver flower was created by tracing the stencil (the bottom center orange flower) and cutting it out from the glitter paper (DCWV)
 This card didn't take me long to create. If you have not tried using stencils lately, perhaps it's time!

Yesterday morning, Dr. John and I stood and watched the baby birds from the window. At first, we were delighted to see the baby birds open their beaks wide. All of a sudden, the mother bird swooped back to the nest and shared these precious moments with us.
 Apparently ants/bugs are tasty...for the baby birds!

Later in the afternoon, I was able to do a cute video of the 3 baby birds sleeping/stretching/snuggling in a crowded nest. As you can imagine, I was utterly amused and amazed after taking this video!
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Create Your Own Scene

Hello friends!
I am back again with another card created with the Winged Beauty set from Penny Black. Even though this set comes with just 4 images, the possibilities are limitless. Previously, I had created two cards.  You can see them  here and here.

This is the latest version.
you're amazing!

I can not stress enough how much MISTI helped me in creating this scene. Not only did it hold the stamp in place, it also allowed me to stamp the image over and over again with selective colors. 

For example, for the orange/brown bird (bottom left corner), I must have stamped it a few times in muted tones (beige and light brown) and then I highlighted the outer edges with bright orange and darker brown. I did the same with the blue bird with various inks.
I used the Gold Wink of Stella to highlight the wings of the flying bird. I must say that I was quite happy how every random droplet of Gold Wink of Stella and Yellow Pico Embellisher seemed to fall in all the right places. In order to ground the entire scene, I layered it with one of the pattern papers from Basic Grey's Tea Garden and topped it off with a piece of gold thread.
I hope this inspires you to look at your stamp sets and perhaps a scene is just waiting for you to create...

Since this post is all about birds, it's perfect to share Day 3 of our bird-watching (off our study room window). The location can not be any more convenient for us and the birdies. The nest sits nicely on our spruce tree branch and there is nothing to obstruct the view!
 It was a cloudy and rainy day. The 3 baby birds continue to thrive and grow. They are getting more feathers as the days go by. Their mother nested with them the entire day to keep them warm.
If you'd like to see more of the baby birds pictures, please scroll down to see the older posts.
Happy  Sunday!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Create Your Own Watercolor Paper

Hey friends!
Have you ever felt that you are stuck and can't seem to create anything new and exciting? 
Well, that happens to me from time to time. Guess what I did? I took the watercolor paper out and applied all sorts of Peerless Watercolors on them. Meanwhile, I went about doing other things. After a little while... voila, you've got your own watercolor paper! I just ran it through my favorite die...
I know I have blogged about this Smile die many times, but I just love it and came up with another card.
As you can see, this card is super easy to create. The watercolors and die really speak volumes...
 I stamped the sentiment and two stripes. Adding those sequins was like icing on the cake!
Day 2 of the bird-watching:

The babies are doing well. Daddy bird paid a visit this early morning. The mommy bird watches the baby birds like a hawk. Dr. John took some great shots this early morning...

Yup, the early bird gets the worm :)
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