Monday, June 29, 2015

A Stenciled Card

Hi there!
Before we get to today's need to see this first.
We are into Day 4 of bird watching. Dr. John did an awesome job in capturing these sweet moments. More amazing photos (and a video!) at the end of this post.
Have you played with any stencils lately?
I felt that I have not maximized the use of my stencils.
Today's card was a result of playing with the stencil from Memory Box. I also love the large sentiment from Congratulations (Simon Say Stamp). I combined the two elements together and this is the result.
Happy for you
About this card: 
 ~the sentiment area was masked first with a piece of copy paper. Place the stencil over and start stenciling.
~the color palette was derived from a fashion magazine "In Style"
~the borders were masked off with the help of the negative die cut (using Stitched Rectangles)
~Distress Inks were applied selectively in threes. Noticed the 3 colors were applied in all 3 corners?
~the silver flower was created by tracing the stencil (the bottom center orange flower) and cutting it out from the glitter paper (DCWV)
 This card didn't take me long to create. If you have not tried using stencils lately, perhaps it's time!

Yesterday morning, Dr. John and I stood and watched the baby birds from the window. At first, we were delighted to see the baby birds open their beaks wide. All of a sudden, the mother bird swooped back to the nest and shared these precious moments with us.
 Apparently ants/bugs are tasty...for the baby birds!

Later in the afternoon, I was able to do a cute video of the 3 baby birds sleeping/stretching/snuggling in a crowded nest. As you can imagine, I was utterly amused and amazed after taking this video!
Thanks for stopping by!


Judy1223 said...

Virginia, those pictures are AMAZING! (Well done, Dr. John!) Isn't nature an amazing, beautiful thing to watch! I love the nest video, too...they already seem to be getting tight in there! So, so sweet!

I love your stenciled card...very colorful, just delightful!

Barb said...

I am loving watching those sweet baby birds grow through your photos, V! Amazing shots from Dr. John - wow! And your card is so pretty! Love the colors!

Lynn said...

Oh how adorable are those sweet baby birds! Love the pics/video Virginia. Your stenciled card is beautiful.

alexandra s.m. said...

Mr john did a fabulous job indeed!! How awesome are these pictures?!
I love your card! Very inspiring indeed Virginia!
Thank You!

Keren Baker said...

Amazing card- amazing little birds- love seeing nature close up. Thanks for sharing these photos! x

Jackie Parkins said...

Your card is beautiful. I don't play with my stencils nearly enough, they do make quick and easy cards. Those little baby birds are so sweet and Dr. John's photos as well as your video are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Harriet said...

Your card is wonderful, Virginia. I have a few stencils but have yet to use them.

Happy Dance said...

Life is amazing to watch, as little ones grow from the most tiny of critters into the pride of their parents. Thanks for sharing the photos and video with us! And I'm working on a card right now that I've stenciled. Amazing where inspiration comes from too; great to use magazines to garner ideas for cards. Love these colors, especially the blue for the sentiment. Fun card! Bev

conil said...

The cheerfulness of this card is only matched by how I felt after seeing Dr. John's photos and the sweet video. This bird is a terrific Mom and her chicks are just adorable.

Lisa said...

Your card is beautiful Virginia, but I can't get past mama bird feeding her babies! So SWEET!!

Julie C. said...

Beautiful card, Virginia! Wow! Thanks for sharing these wonferful photos and video. They are amazing! ^_^


I just love your little bird family. B I G. H U G S. To Dr. John

Taunya Butler said...

Awesome and delightful - love everything about this post!!

Miriam Prantner said...

Love this color combo and those masked off edges!

Laura B. said...

such beautiful and vibrant inking with the stencil!!!