Thursday, August 27, 2015

FREE Mini Craftsy Classes (and a video)!

 Hello friends!
Did you know that Craftsy offers free mini class? 
The following classes are free and you can sign up with Facebook ,Twitter account. 
As a Craftsy affiliate, I want to pass on these free class information, in case you are intrigued about how they work. Here are the most popular ones:

Here are the paper crafting classes that are currently on sale/available.

I am currently taking Watercolor Cards class and loved it so far...

I think "Inventive Ink", "Vibrant Stamping", " Patterned Paper Play", "Fun with Mixed Media", "Cards with Dimensions" are of great value. I took them all and would recommend them. This one called Lovely Layered Cards from Top to Bottom is NEW!

I am not leaving you without sharing a fun video.
This video was taken last summer while we were leaving Venice on the cruise ship.
It gives you an overview of what Venice looks like from a cruise ship.
I apologize that the video may be a bit too fast-paced. I guess since David didn't want to miss seeing anything, he was zooming in and out faster than usual :)
Thanks for stopping by!


Ruth G said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I am enrolled in many Craftsy classes (including the watercolor cards), but haven't really taken the time to do that one.

I didn't realize they had these freebies so I'm happy to sign up for a couple!

The video is wonderful to see! Venice is definitely on my bucket list - I think I could spend a month seeing all I want to see in Italy! I blame it on the de' Medicis!

Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the short video clip, too!

conil said...

Have several Craftsy classes going right them. Always love your travelogs. Thanks for sharing.

Parker said...

Video was way too short. How I viewed the clip was I would pause it several times throughout. That way I could see what was actually there. I'm a great "arm-chair" traveler.

alexandra s.m. said...

Thanks Virginia! Great video, the crowd!!!

Taunya Butler said...

Wonderful that you shared this with us - both the classes and the cool video!! Have a wonderful day!!