Thursday, November 26, 2015

Create a Wreath with an Unlikely Stamp

Hello friends!
Can you create a wreath with a cling stamp like "Full Bloom" ?
Previously I had done my Monthly Stamp Studies with this stamp, but I came up with another idea!
Well, the answer is... absolutely yes!  
As you may know, I have been making a lot of wreaths with stamping...
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most wonderful time of the year
 Happy Thankgiving

 Giving Thanks


Here is the latest version:
deck the halls
As you can see, there are layers of colors <---that's where the magic is.
There are no actual layers and the card is pretty much flat as I like my cards to be mail-friendly. I started out with stamping the medium shade of green (Fern) with the help of a circle die (as a mask). Once I could see the circle that I stamped, I added lighter green. I then stamped the red leaves until the wreath was getting to be a full circle. 
For the final step, I stamped gold, dotted here and there. This cling stamp was not damaged or cut in any way. I merely bent it a bit while I stamped the small details. I encourage you to take a look at your stash and try using the leafy kind of stamps. I know you will be pleasantly surprised (like I was)!

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Thanks for stopping by!


Barb Ghig said...

What a beautiful collection of cards, Virginia! Thanks for sharing all of your tips and tricks with us...I'm definitely going to try it :)

Dawn Turley said...

your wreaths are beautiful. Thanks for sharing you amazing talent.

Rahmat said...

Beautiful wreaths Virgina, yes I try other non Christmas stamps to stamp wreaths as well, its fun to stretch our stamps sometimes. I like the autumn shaded leaves one a lot, and the the one you shared today is gorgeous too.

lostinpaper said...

These are all so wonderful Virginia, love the almost abstract look in the deck the halls card!

Dotty Jo x said...

Goodness, you are so clever, Virginia! Jo x

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Your wreaths are all beautiful!

conil said...

Pretty soon you'll become known as "Wreath Woman" because, it appears, you can make a gorgeous week out of anything. Love the glint of gold on your one-layer card (almost, anyway). It's beautiful. On another subject, thanks for the win from Dr. John...he, obvioously, is as encouraging and kind as you are. I'm grateful and humbled.

Lisa said...

Fabulous Virginia, each and every one!!

Laura Bassen said...

I love a good wreath!! How cool to use such unassuming sets to make beautiful wreaths!! you=brilliant♥

Miriam Prantner said...

Love your non traditional wreaths, and this one is no exception! Gorgeous!

Lindi Phillips said...

Fantastic wreaths they would be very good wreath cards here in Australia as they look like some of our native shrubs and Gum Trees. Pity all my Christmas cards for this year are done. So I have saved for next Christmas Thank you Virginia.....