Sunday, February 7, 2016

De-Construct a Large Stamp

Hello friends!
I have a fun share today with the new Penny Black "Love Always" stamp set.
 I used the biggest stamp from this set and did some de-construction.
What to do when you work with a very large stamp? For me, it is divide and conquer.
I took it apart and add colors and inks with the help of MISTI.

Here is my rendition.
I did some masking with the heart and kept it nearly one layer. For a change, I stamped the sentiment inside the heart. For the embellishments, I added the heart die from "All My Hearts" Thin Die.

Lastly, on a random note....remember I said that I should exercise more in the New Year? Well, I am trying to be more active. This hobby of ours is not helping.... :) 
I always keep an exercise journal and this year is no exception. The sight of my activity journal is not stellar, but it keeps me in check. When I see too many blank space, I know it's time to do some more. It's nothing drastic or terribly hard, but it is working! Happy to say that I had lost 4 lbs so far since Fall.  It's not a lot (I am just over 5 ft), but it is at least going in the right direction! I encourage you to keep an activity journal if you are trying to exercise more like I do. I am old-school here, but using your app on the cell phone is another great way, too.

We need to take good care of our body (exercise and eat well) and soul (create, pray, meditation).
With that, I hope your day is full of love.
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Karen B. said...

As always just beautiful!!

Milka Gubo said...

Gorgeous card, Virginia, as always. :o) xx

Renee said...

You are so right, exercise is extremely important to the body & mind! Beautiful inking of the heart stamp!

conil said...

Wow! PLacing your sentiment within this gorgeous heart is genius. Your masking is just perfect. Then to nestle that diecut heart in the curvy tail is ...well, it just looks so impressive.

Sharon Jones said...

Gorgeousness all over your card, Virginia! I understand about losing the weight and us "short" people can only can a pound or two and it shows, right? We are probably about the same height...I'm 5'1". LOL.
Keep up the good work, I'm proud of the 4 lbs. you've lost, Sistah!

Harriet said...

A lovely card, Virginia, and good for you walking and taking care of yourself. And my day is wonderful.

Nora N. said...

Oh how beautiful!! I love the addition of that die cut heart!! Exercise is a necessary evil. I try to get it in 5 days a week and break it up between cardio, core and weights. Weights I try to do 3X and mix it with core and cardio I have to do 5 times. Usually by the time I get home I am too tired to even craft!! Good luck on your goal!!

Lisa said...

This is incredible Virginia, so pretty!!