Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Top 10 Favorites in 2016

Hello friends!
As 2016 is coming to the end, I thought it would be fun to look back on my stamping journey this past year. I picked my Top 10 favorites based on my own creative take- how I approached with new/tried and true techniques and how I used the new and old supplies. They are what stood out to me. You can simply click on the title and it will take you to the post (in case you miss seeing it in the past).

~in chronological order~

#1 there is no place like home
there is no place like home
Text on images is the new "sexy".
hello beautiful
Watercoloring is such a good thing.

wishing you a very Happy Birthday
 Cards like this will never go out of style. πŸ˜€

 Distress Crayons can add colors like no other.

#5 thinking of you
thinking of you

Stamps and pattern paper CAN be BFF.

#6 Arigato...that means thank you
-that means thank you
Rainbow colors (with alcohol inks) make me happy.

#7 Thanks
Adding transparency (acetate) to your stamped design is... oh .so. fun.

#8 you are the bestest
you are the bestest

Stamps and die combo set can make such a seamless pair.

#9 Merry & Bright

Merry and Bright 
Using inks and sprays can achieve some unexpected and amazing result.

#10 Wishing you peace love joy
peace love joy
I have stamped quite a few wreath cards. This is my absolutely favorite.

Last but certainly not the least, I am adding a bonus card. This Christmas card is one layer. But wow...the color impact is amazing, isn't it? It is my NEW personal favorite.

Merry Christmas

 I hope you are not tired of seeing my stamping. 😁
 If you like to see me around in 2017, please leave me a comment and let me know.
I will try my best to bring you my best work right here in this blog.

 Thank you for your amazing support, comments, feedback and encouragement.
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 I just got back from a week-long cruise to the Caribbean last night. I had an amazing time with my family and the traveling was smooth. I am feeling truly blessed. 😎

Here is one of the photo taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico a few days ago.
πŸŽ‰I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2017!πŸŽ‰
Happy New year!


Betty said...

all lovely cards Virginia - #7 (that darling little christmas bird) and then your bonus card are my favorite - the coloring on the poinsettias is wonderful - happy 2017!!

rcwidow (Linda) said...

These are all lovely. Happy New yeAr friend!

Handmade Cards by Archana said...

All your cards are simply magical!! Wish you and your family a very Happy new year!!

Lin said...

Welcome home, my friend, and Happy New Year! You have really developed your own style over the years - my favorite of these is #2, Hello Beautiful - the watercolors are lovely!

Elainej said...

I really enjoy your cards and watching your progress. And little tidbits about your family and travels are just icing on the cake. Please continue to post in 2017. I would miss you if you didn't.

Karen B. said...

I just totally admire your use of color, how you can make dies come to life, and the general honesty in your posts. Here's to a great 2017 for you Virginia!

Hussena said...

Your cards are just so fantastic, Virginia. I love each and everyone you've showcased here and I absolutely agree with you about the bonus card. The colours really make it pop so much! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year 2017! :)

Lisa Elton said...

Wonderful picks Virginia! Beautiful family photo. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Missy Pink said...

Such a wealth of beautiful work by you, simply love them all of course. So glad to have found you on 2016. Please do continue in 2017!!! Your wonderful friend Missy XX

Unknown said...

Your work is beautiful and inspiring! I'm so glad you chose to share your top 10 with us. They are a joy to look at and experience!

Karen L K said...

A nice family photo! Thanks for sharing your favs! I'll be checking out your cards next year.

PeggyS said...

Your cards are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Harriet said...

A truly lovely review of your beautiful 2016 creations, thank you. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy New Year. I am looking forward to your 2017 creations.

Vikki H said...

Some very pretty choices, Virginia! I have enjoyed your poinsettia cards this year and the coloring on vellum was so effective.

Diana said...

These top ten cards are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Have a Happy Healthy New Year in 2017.

Unknown said...

Wow how awesome glad you had fun♥ Yes I love your cards thanks for sharing I don't always make a comment but I will try to from now on♥ Thanks so much for all your amazing ideas love to you for the New Year♥
Linda Wilkinson

Carol L said...

what a wonderful collection of pretty cards! I'm especially fond of the kites with the plaid paper weaving - so cute! WB from what looks like a fun cruise and have a very happy new year in 2017!

Sheila H said...

Your cards are awesome, Virginia. You use amazing and varied techniques. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Elaine said...

Hi Virginia,
Thanks for sharing your favorites! If I were to go through my Yes, Virginia Pinterest folder I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to 10! :) I'm always happy to see "Yes, Virginia" in my inbox in the mornings and I definitely want to see what you will create this year! Best wishes for a new year filled with health, happiness, love, and creativity!

Verna Angerhofer said...

All are so beautiful and well constructed.

Kelly Griglione said...

Hello Virginia!! What a wonderful display of your colorful creations from this year! So fun to look through. Your bonus card is simply amazing!!! I'm not even sure how you created something like that. Better get a frame and put it somewhere, because you know you'll never be able to sent it to someone! Best wishes for a Happy New Year, my friend πŸ˜€

Barbara said...

I think all your top choices for the year were indeed your best. Happy New Year!

mandalj said...

What an amazing variety of lovely cards! I love how you don't have a particular style and use all sort of techniques.

Marti_L said...

Oh, please do continue with posting your work! You present such lovely ideas that are inspirational to all of us!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Love your work and love seeing a breakdown on here! Can not wait to see what 2017 brings you!!!

Jennifer Hovermale said...

I LOVE your cards and your cardmaking abilities!! You have exposed me to new techniques, that I still have to try. I also love how you have explained new ways to stretch the products that we already have. I feel very lucky to be one of your blog followers as you have grown this year and started making more YouTube videos!!! You are the best!!!!

Marjeta said...

Your stamping and creating are fantasting. Amazed me. Love your tutorial. Wish you all the best in 2017.


Angela Walters said...

Of course we want to see you around in 2017 and 2018 and 2019 and 2020 and 2021 and 2022 and 2023 and...need I continue or has my point been made?! :)