Saturday, December 28, 2019

An Interview with Preeti

Hello friends!

A while ago, I was invited by Preeti to do an in depth interview. 
I happened to meet Preeti this past August at the Altenew "Meet and Greet" in Syracuse.
She was so nice and lovely, of course, I had to say yes to her interview.

 If you love see an interview about the Virginia behind "Yes, Virginia...", check this you tube out

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Preeti does BEAUTIFUL work and You Tube Tutorial, I recommend that you subscribe to her channel and her blog here.  I know she has more fun interview and tutorial planned in 2020.

From Preeti,,
Meet Virginia Lu. She is the most Kindest and loving Person I have met. Her story is inspiring and heart warming. Give her some love by leaving a comment. *Please subscribe to my channel to meet artist and to know more stories of their success and struggles, and card making videos. Below are all the Links to Virginia's Social media platforms:
Facebook Page: Yes,Virginia. 

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Linda BL said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Preeti! It was interesting to hear about your card journey and how you have gotten to where you are now in the card making industry. It reminds us that there are a lot of ups and downs and that we have to keep working to improve! I also enjoyed hearing about the Altenew Academy work that you do. I laughed when you said supply envy-- we all have that don't we? Great interview!!

conil said...

What a terrific interview. I learned a lot about your but my favorite thing about you is your lovely heart. I had no idea you were a linguist. Must come in handy when you travel. Think those skills are amazing. So glad you're in this world and that I can share some of it.

Karthikha said...

What an awesome interview!! Great to know more about you, Virginia :) said...

Just watched your "chat" with Preeti. It was super!