Thursday, September 9, 2021

Applying Inks to Embossing Folder

 Hello friends!

You must have seen so many cards that I created with Embossing Folders. HERE is a simple guide and reference of 12 samples, in case you miss seeing it.... and here.

 Way back (about 10 years ago), I used to have a "like and dislike" relationship with Embossing Folders. I tend to like to "collect" them. However, once I bought them, I used it in 2-3 ways and that's it! I find that they "limit" your creativity....! I know, shocking.  

 always in my heart

Well, excuse me! Time has changed. First of all, the embossing folders these days have improved so. much. They are more durable and die cut better. And most of them are 3D! Plus, I am much older and wiser....and thus, more skillful. I can think of MORE creative ways of using it. 

I am finally grown up.. I think.

in my heart

Today's card is one that I would have never come up with ....10 years ago.

I inked with the Gel Plate first and made the plate KISS the "Rose-Bouquet". I then dry-embossed the 110 Lb card stock and you are left with such a detailed print.


Let's talk about the ink variation. Yup, it's not just monochromatic any more. I also inked up the middle part of the roses and you get such a great mix of colors. 

in my heart -001

I would have never thought to use Embossing Folder with Gel Plate! You can use either Dye Ink or Pigment Ink. I used a bit of both (all linked below). Sorry that I don't remember which set the sentiment is from. I will keep looking and will update if I find the source.

I now realize that when you set yourself a limit... you are then limited to be free and creative. No wonder they say Sky is the Limit. I now like to think like that. too.

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Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Such a stunning effect with the ink in that 3D folder, Virginia - love it!! said...

Absolutely beautiful! Embossing folders
have been underrated until now!

MadeByMeghanK said...

Beautiful warm colors!

conil said...

This card is truly stunning. Love the texture, of course, but also the placement of your colors. Just gorgeous.

Maura said...

Sooooooo gorgeous with that pale coral and touches of yellow - Love this, Virginia!!!

Sue D said...

Very creative and pretty. I will have to try this.

Ms. Tamp said...

Nice tips on how to create differently with the embossing folders.

Linda BL said...

Love the colors and how you used a range of them to accent the rose centers. It is such a pretty embossing folder which you show so skillfully. The added gold stripe really is a great touch.

Dawn T said...

I would never have thought to do this Virginia. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the idea

Denise Bryant said...

Same here with collecting embossing folders! The 3D ones have so much more interest than the older ones I have!
Beautiful card!

Kathy Raker said...

Virginia, what is the difference of using a gel plate on embossing folder in lieu of just using roller on folder?

Virginia L. said...

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!
To Kathy Raker:
Virginia, what is the difference of using a gel plate on embossing folder in lieu of just using roller on folder?

With the Gel Plate, the embossing folder absorbs the ink much better. The Gel plate will pick up all the ink whereas the roller will not ink up as well. If you like the smooth ink, use Gel Plate. If you like the more streaky look, a roller is sufficient.

Hope this helps.

Purple Princess said...

so incredible