Saturday, March 2, 2013

Caribbean Cruise

This was my backyard a few days ago. We had yet another huge snowfall! The snow was heavy and wet but it sure made a stunning wintery scene! Can you see why the Caribbean cruise that took place over a week ago was "needed"!? Anyway, I am taking you onto another virtual cruise. This time we are headed to San Juan ( Puerto Rico), then Saint Martin and St. Thomas.

Through our beloved pet cat Alexia, you can get an idea of the trip....
These are a few of my favorite photos of Alexia from this trip.
Here is Alexia's report....take it away, Alexia!

Hi, Alexia here. Let me tell ya, cruise life is tough! But someone's got to do it, right?
Sun-bathing in Saint Martin
 The beach was beautiful and serene.
Making sure the life boats are in working order!
Inspecting the kitchen galley on the ship.
Posing with the Lu Family's dirty dishes--boy, they cleaned up those plates well!
 Watching David gobbled up his desserts for the 2nd time in the afternoon.
Virginia can't leave home without her stamp porn (according to Dr. John) - Paper Crafts magazine and ME.
 And guess what!? There is actually GRASS on the top deck of the ship!
 Getting on/off the massive ship.
 Admiring the stunning coast lines in San Juan. Virginia held me very tightly as she was worried that I will be lost during the photo shoot!
Yeah, we made it to Puerto Rico!
 Enjoying the ocean breeze.
Taking a thrilling ride on a cable car in St. Thomas to Paradise Point.
 Don't you just love the view? 
And doing what a tourist does in St. Thomas. Say cheese!