Friday, December 30, 2022

Coloring in Progress

Hello friends!

Hope you are ready to ring in the New Year! It's hard to believe that this blog is 13 years old (started in 2009)! This blog is a big part of me and my journey in creativity and life.  Like card-making projects, I am a project in progress.

Among all the techniques, coloring is not my strong suit and I struggle with it. Patience is one thing I do not possess. Over the years, I find that I can finally take more time to do proper coloring. The more patient I am with myself, I can get better at coloring.


Today's project is one of those that I actually was being more mindful and took the time to color.


It may not be good or outstanding, but the coloring is one part that I can be proud of. 


In this card, I added a piece of alcohol inked-vellum as the background. This seems to provide a nice buffer for the strong color contrast.


Now I am more encouraged to do more coloring. How about that? After all these years, I am finally enjoying and feeling more confidant about coloring. Now, that's progress! I know you can perhaps find things that are getting slightly "easier" for you. If you do, please share. I'd love to know!

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Thanks for stopping by!


MadeByMeghanK said...

I saw this on your IG! Gorgeous coloring!

Linda BL said...

Pretty coloring. Love the alcohol inked background. said...

I think it’s gorgeous!

Denise Bryant said...

Love the lotus flowers and your beautiful coloring!