Saturday, August 27, 2016

How To Select a Die That Keeps on Giving....

 Hello friends! 
Like you, I love using dies to create all sorts of designs. 
But how do you know that the die that you are lusting for is "the one"?
I am no shopping expert, but I do have a limited budget just like any average crafter.
The following are the criteria that I think of when I make a purchase of dies. I had explored this topic before and thought I'd bring it up again, hopefully, it is not boring to you. LOL
(yeah, it's a serious business, I'd say).
1. can it be used only as IS?: all dies are created for different purposes and some can be used in creative ways. I bet if you think REALLY hard, a light bulb might come up in your head....
2. is it seasonal? Some dies are obvious. For example: Merry Christmas die doesn't go far beyond Christmas card-making unless your name is Chris. But if your name happens to be Chris, then it's an extra brownie point! Also, if you see Happy Valentine's Day Die, think "Happy Day"!!
3. can part of the die be used in a creative way? Can it work with different type of materials/medium? Today's card illustrates this point (with pattern paper and partial use of the die).

For example, when I see this die Birthday Wishes Frame Die : I see the word "Birthday","Wishes", "Birthday Wishes". I also see the frame. I also see that it can be used as a square die (by trimming off part of the bottom). Obviously, it is a Polaroid frame, you can utilize it to put any object of affection in that frame. Think photo cards! ...the possibilities are endless. 

My 2nd take with Birthday Wishes Frame Die.


I had fun paper-piecing the little Japanese girl. The frame was created with pattern paper (without the birthday wishes sentiment). Now you've got a totally different look from the die!
DSC_0011 (2)

Here is another look of yesterday's card with the same die.

Hope you are inspired by this post and you would now look at your dies with fresh eyes!
I have at least one more take with this Large Frame Die, please stay tuned.
Thanks for stopping by!


Dawn T said...

very pretty Virginia. It is great to get more uses out of a die.

Harriet said...

Sweet card and thank you for reminding us that dies can be used in many ways. Just like stamps we just have to put our 'thinking caps' on. Sometimes that's not easy; yet, the results can be excellent.

Happy Dance said...

Thanks for sharing this, Virginia. I do love to extend my dies to beyond their intended uses, so this was a good reminder for me. It's definitely 'serious business!' Love what you've done with your dies for this sweet card. The polaroid frame works! Sweet AE stamps too. Have a great weekend. Bev

Patt H. said...

Great tips, Virginia & wonderful cards, as usual!

Lisa Elton said...

I always enjoy your tips Virginia!! Sweet card!

conil said...

Konnichiwa back at you for sharing the multiple uses for stamps and dies...something I always struggle with. Love the patterned pieced kimono & frame. Very clever.

Karen B. said...

What a great and informative post!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Adorable polaroid minus the happy birthday, Virgina! When I saw that die, I thought the same thing - so many ways to adapt it!!

Barb Ghig said...

Oh, I really love this sweet card! You're so right about this die, works beautifully with so many different images! Love your paper piecing on this darling little girl, Virginia!