Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Beauty of Inlaid Die

Hello friends!
Today's post is another rendition of showing my way of using this lovely die.
Gaiety (Penny Black) 

I love inlaid diecutting as it gives the design a polished and sophisticated look. Best thing is, the card is usually mail-friendly. What's not to love?  Here are my previous example with this die.

(click on the photo for more info.)

Thanks so muchClose-up

Here is the latest
The best thing to hold in life is a friend
           The card is easy to create once you know where to position the die.

A little update on my daughter Stephanie's adventure in Uganda.
Meet Pelepetwa (the old lady who raised her hands). According to Stephanie: "This morning I met Pelepetwa in her home, my friend whom I’m now sponsoring through ROTOM! ....Even though it’s estimated that she’s around 100 years old, she has lots of energy, a loud voice, and a great laugh.

As I write this post, Stephanie has just returned from a private 2-day Safari Tour (just like Angelina and Brad Pitt!!) in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda! She was surprised to find out that she was the only one that signed up for the Safari with this company. I got a few sneak peeks her safari photo and will share some after her return.

If you have not watched my latest You Tube video, here it is.

Lastly, Masterpiece Box is STILL available till Aug. 20th.
 If you are interested and have not gotten it, NOW is the time!
For the Masterpieces Blog Hop, I used Clearly Besotted Penguin Planner stamp, only $6.99,
(available here) to create this card.
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Harriet said...

Your card is very elegant. I love the inlaid die so lovely with the script background. Stephanie seems to be enjoying her time in Uganda. I'd sure like to know what the lady in the lower right hand photo is doing. The child has a nice selection of fruits and veg. Pelepetwa...bless her. Such a joyous smile.

Virginia L. said...

Hello Harriet, I think the lady is weaving with some plastic strips. Kind of amazing...Sorry the photo is too small to see. Thank you for your kind comments as always!

Karen B. said...

Amazing cards. So realistic.

Lisa Elton said...

Your floral card is lovely and the little penguins so cute! But the fabulous Pelepetwa steals the show today!! Her smile could light the wold. What a wonderful experience this is for your daughter!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Fab cards Virginia! I love the way you have been using that die!
Thanks for the update on Stephanie's trip. What an amazing DD you have!

conil said...

Wonderful card and pictures. Bet you're happy Stephanie is back...are you preparing a huge feast of all her favorites to celebrate? If so, what time is dinner?

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Gorgeous inlaid die cards, Virginia! And thanks for the update on Stephanie's adventures - she certainly has meet some lovely people!!

Patt H. said...

Such a pretty card! Love the design & great colors.

Miriam Prantner said...

So pretty, that flower is so elegant and really pops against that backgorund!

Nora Noll said...

That inlaid card is beautiful. I think I would have to make more then one!! The little penguin card is just adorable. I want this stamp set when it comes out. What a marvelous experience your daughter is having. So fabulous that she gets to meet all these wonderful people.