Friday, August 5, 2016

Stamping a Border

Hello friends! 
I don't know about you....but sometimes I like to take a not-so-obvious approach with my stamps. Instead of stamping the image as it is, I challenge myself to do something a bit different.


For today's post, I decided to create a border with this stamp.
I positioned the cling stamp with my MISTI and stamped it with pink Zig Watercolor Markers. Since the stamp can be easily aligned, I didn't have to use a mask (bonus!!). I proceeded to stamp purple and blue hydrangea. With a water brush pen, it was easy to add more colors the the petals. Very soothing and fun to do.

May sunshine...

Once I colored the entire images, I found it a tad too bright for my liking. So...I covered it up with stamped and embossed vellum sentiment.

May sunshine

 I then added a few bits of white dies ( Shall We Dance) and thought they really bring out a lovely contrast and needed balance. I hope to come up with a CAS design with this stamp next.

On the last note, my daughter Stephanie is leaving for Uganda today. Yeah, that trip has come! She is not going to travel like we normally do: 4-5 star hotels and fine dining on cruises. I am so very proud of my daughter! Here is a little excerpt about Stephanie's trip. I thought it is inspiring and am sharing it with you.

Why are you going to Uganda?

Answer 1: As I briefly described in my last email, I have been evaluating H2O 4 ALL for the past few years as part of my dissertation research. In a nutshell, the purpose of my research is to determine H2O 4 ALL’s impact in the impoverished communities in which they work and to create evaluation tools to keep them accountable to donors. How else can we know if their safe water systems are truly sustainable and saving lives
On this particular trip to Uganda I will be pilot-testing an observation-based checklist that I’ve created. If all goes well, this checklist can eventually be completed by any volunteer who participates in an H2O 4 ALL build. In addition to that, I will be getting my hands dirty (like, really dirty) and helping to construct the safe water system itself! I’m not sure how useful I will be with a shovel, but I guess we’ll find out.

Answer 2: The PhD journey is a long one. With one year left of my studies to go I’m often lacking motivation. As I’ve explained above, I’m going to Uganda “for work.” But personally my reason for going is “to be humbled.” Because that’s going to be the hard lesson I receive on this trip. I’m going to be reminded of my sense of entitlement that often leads to my feelings of disappointment or bitterness because I believe I deserve better (especially when one of my papers gets rejected). I’m going to be inspired by the pure joy I witness when that water starts flowing from the tap and the kindness of people I am sure to meet. People who by the world’s standard have far less than me. That should be more than enough motivation to bring me to the end of this PhD journey!

 Stephanie asked if she could bring my handmade cards with her to Uganda as she plans to give them to the people that she meets... Imagine my excitement! MY cards are going to Africa!!? Yes, please! I would have given a lot more if I could. But in the end, she is bringing 50 cards.

Now will you please join me in praying for/wishing Stephanie a safe and fruitful journey? I can't wait for her return on the Aug. 21st already! The count down begins....
Thanks for stopping by!
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Dr Sonia S V said...

Your card is soo beautiful and ooh your daughter sure is making you proud...what a brave and wonderful young lady. I spent many years of my childhood in Nigeria and know the stark difference between places!

Jasleen Kaur said...

Wow! Your card is just stunning, Virginia. I loved the addition of those white die cuts to balance the bright background. Great idea. And I'm so happy to know about the work your daughter is doing. I'm sure you must be very proud of her. Wishing her a very safe and productive journey.

Dawn T said...

Stunning cards Virginia. You can be rightly proud of your daughter of your Stephanie. I wish her well on her trip.

Karen B. said...

Beautiful border card! Good luck and well wishes to your daughter as well!

conil said...

With or without the vellum panel, this card is outstanding. Love the riot of color, it's just beautiful. I know that Stephanie will take a piece of your heart with her as well as your cards. Wouldn't it be wonderful sometimes, if they didn't grow up so fast. She's an exceptional young lady...heck, even I'm proud of her.

Harriet said...

The addition of the die cut and vellum make this card superb!!! Bright, cheerful colors.....wonderful card. Stephanie: Many blessings and safety to this intelligent young woman. I'd say you and Dr. John raised two wonderful additions to our world. I was very touched to read "But personally my reason for going is “to be humbled" what a wonderful personal challenge. To help another is our duty as humans. I applaud this journey in helping others and her growth in her personal challenge. Best luck, best wishes Stephanie.

Lisa Elton said...

What a fresh and lovely summer card Virginia!! Safe travels to Stephanie, I will be sure to keep her in my prayers. How wonderful that she's taking some of your beautiful work along with her!!

Pajalu said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous card Virginia. Wishing your daughter a safe trip. You have every right to be a "Proud Mama" I bet she doing an amazing thing.

Mary-Anne V said...

Beautiful how you use the floral stamp to create a border. What a wonderful thing that your daughter is doing in Uganda and to make it even better to share your wonderful cards with those the world. Its such a amazing thing that we can do with our craft. She is in my prayers. Also I want to thank you for the sweet comment you left for my 8 year old son who made a card for the hospital of sick children in Toronto ...thank you very much. It brought a big smile to his face.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Just love your colorful border card, Virginia - so beautiful! And congrats to Stephanie on her latest progress to PhD!!