Sunday, February 17, 2019

More Tulips Creation

Hello friends!

I am popping in with a quick post about Exotic Tulips.
This Stamp set comes with die and stencil as a bundle.
It is said to be one of the most popular sets in the Feb. release! Can you see why?

Today's card is a little different from my previous card.
It is bright and simple.
I love it

 I started out with one layer design and had a blast using masks.
Part of me was feeling, I decided just to do some outline stamping as well. 

I love the way
It turned out to be lovely to have layered and outline stamps in the mix.
Just when  I thought things were going well as planned....I added some shine with the Tonic Shimmer pen. The glitter oozed out in a huge blob as I tried to squeeze out some more. Alas, the tulip has to be cover. this, you see there is one tulip that was popped up.

I love the way you brighten my day

Here are my takes on Floral Fantasy 3D Die
One Fantasy Floral Die--5 ways!

If you love  easy and gorgeous 3D Floral stamp-layering dies, this Floral Fantasy is your chance to get one!
Shop HERE.
More Sales here.


Denise Bryant said...

Awesome cards! I really the tulips set!

Dawn T said...

All the cards are so beautiful Virginia. I have the Floral Fantasy set and just love the 3D dies... really stunning. Love the one where you used gold cardstock.

Sue D said...

Pretty floral cards. I like the mix of layered and outline stamps on the tulip card.

Nora Noll said...

I NEED that tulip stamp!! Your card is so pretty with the outlines!! Never would have thought to do that. And your Floral Fantasy cards? BREATHTAKING!! I LOVE that die set!

MadeByMeghanK said...

I love these tulips! So cute how you put the glitter underlining the sentiment!!!

Purple Princess said...

Gorgeous tulips! I love the details!!

Harriet said...

Your tulips are soooooooooooooooooo real, simply lovely!

conil said...

Oh those tulips...don't know whether I like the full color ones or the outlined ones better. They're both so beautiful and your inking is glorious. Also, love the way you've layered the floral fantasy die. They're all so pretty.

mindy1414 said...

I just love beautiful mistakes lol, it's gives perfect dimension with the partial and full stamped Tulips. Gorgeous card, I love it! (

Linda BL said...

Love your tulip card. Sometimes the unfortunate blob of glue or other mistake end up being one of your favorite things as you have come up with a creative way to fix the problem.

Rozy said...

Both cards are so beautiful. The tulip card turned out so well. Love all the colors! And I love your color choices for the Floral Fantasy....pretty purple/blues.