Sunday, December 27, 2020

Show & Share AND Winner Announcement

Hello friends!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the December Monthly Giveaway.
Each month, Altenew offers TWO monthly giveaway to my loyal blog followers who comment and support me and my blog. It is time to announce the winners. 
 But first, I want to mention that this last round of Show & Share has the BEST entries!
Please check them out here! I had a hard time singling out the outstanding entries and  thought I should give all the 24 entries a shout-out! Thank you for taking the time to enter the challenge!
The two lucky winners of December are....
from Show & Share

 and from this post:   conil said...

Super pretty cards...masking always makes me happy. I just don't like the residual problems. This stuff seems to solve them. And double sided adhesive is the crafters best friend, I think.

This month's of Show & Share still some some great turnout even though it is a shorter duration.
 I had so much fun checking out everyone's creation and left each participant some blog love!
Congratulations, Linda and Coni! Altenew will be contacting you for the gift code!
BIG thanks to those who entered Show and Share.
Thank you for visiting this blog and shop through my affiliate links (located at my side bar).
I appreciate your support.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BREAKING NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have decided to take a little break from doing Show & Share in 2021.
 Sometimes I simply do not have the time to check out your creations and I feel really bad about that. With my heavy DT work, assignments and commitment, I think I need to lesson the load.
Please do not fret..... there will still be TWO monthly giveaway --$15 Altenew Gift Card!
AND.... never say never...
There is a chance that I may start a again in a few months. If you enjoyed linking up your work and love the challenge, please let me know if you comment. I may re-consider.
Thank you once again for your amazing support and comments. 
This blog is not the same without YOU!

Thank you for stopping by!

10 comments: said...

Congratulations to Linda and Concil!! And I have enjoyed sharing my personal work and seeing other's as well. I feel that this has been a very trying year and having time off for peace and having time with your family is a good thing! Enjoy!!

conil said...

Ooooh! Excited to have won. Congratulations to Linda, as well. Love sharing when I think I've made a worthy entry and commenting always is a delight. 2020 has been a real and your family always come first. It's entirely your decision what you do with your time, so you just be you. After all, there's only one of you...and you have to take care of YOU. So if you need more time, do it. Hugs, my friend.

Cindy C. said...

Congrats to Linda and Concil!
Virginia you must take care of yourself first. Even thought I would miss the challenge, I would still come to visit and admire your beautiful work and get inspirations!!

Linda BL said...

Congratulations to Conil. I have really enjoyed participating in the Show and Share. Before participating in February, I had never shared my handmade cards. It has also been fun seeing the other cards which are submitted. With the number of entries each month, it appears to be a lot of work, so I can understand with all of your other Design Team commitments it would be quite a lot to handle. Virginia, if you decide to start again, I will be there, and if not, I will still be visiting Yes, Virginia! Thanks for giving us a forum to show our cards.

Dawn T said...

well done to the winners. And you are so busy inspiring us, you deserve a little break. thanks for being so awesome

Sue D said...

Congrats to the winners.

Denise Bryant said...

Congrats to Linda and conil!

Ms. Tamp said...

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for the admin time. Hopefully the break will give you time to catch up and rest. I really enjoy checking out all the shared projects and trying out the additional challenge prompt. Hopefully "Show and Share" will be back asap. said...

Well done, winners! Thanks Virginia for running
a good challenge. Enjoy your break and I hope
you will return sometime later!

Maura said...

Totally understandable, Virginia, that you might want to take a break - you are always so thoughtful in your comments and I love having a challenge that is totally open like yours!!! But I understand, we all need a break sometimes..... and so thoughtful of you to continue the Altenew giveaways!!! You rock, my friend!!