Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Virtue of Hand-stitching

Hello friends!
One of the many fabulous attributes of handmade cards are the handmade touches. 
Hand-stitching is definitely one of them!
Today's card illustrates just that. 

I am using the leaf images from "Handwritten Floral Greetings".
 I love that the leaves has so many interesting and intricate lines. They are perfect for paper-piecing.
I only needed to stamp the image on pattern paper (included in the sold out July Card Kit).
a note to say hello-001
Then I fussy cut the 3 pieces of leaves. With silver stitching, this card is complete!
 And how do you do the hand-stitching exactly?
 I rely on the handy dandy TH Idea-ology 12" Ruler which has evenly spaced holes for piecing.
Here is a Tim Holtz video (an oldie but a goodie) about this very ruler (watch at 2:45).

 With a pokey tool like this one or this one, I poked the holes and then added my hand-stitching.

I hope today's card inspires you to try hand-stitching if you have not done so.

I am happy to share a photo that my son David took while visiting Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California this past weekend. What a breath-taking view!

David: "Not pictured: hordes of tourists fighting for parking".
Thanks for stopping by!


Sheila H said...

I love the colors and patterns you used on your card. The hand stitching is a beautiful touch.

Maureen Morton said...

Thanks for the reminder about stitching, Virginia. I am so excited that David is fully enjoying his time in Northern CA - what a great kiddo! We do miss it there but are happier here than we ever imagined. Take care and happy summer.

Karen B. said...

Wow! So very beautiful!

Harriet said...

Excellent card....I didn't know there was a tool for paper piercing. I really like your idea of hand sewing using silver thread especially with the blue leafs. David's photographer eye is as good as Dr. John's ... a lovely photo.

conil said...

Now, see, I could never so such meticulous stitching like you can. I'm always so impressed with how perfect yours looks. And again, on this lovely card, it's the perfect embellishment.
David certainly has a great eye for photography...takes after his Mom and Dad, obviously.

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Gorgeous cards!!!

Dawn Turley said...

Delightful cards Virginia.

Cindy C. said...

This series of cards are so delightful!! And so personal with the hand-stitches!!!

Nicole Parmentier said...

I used to hand-stitch on every card when I started card making. When I see this I don't know why I stopped doing it. Your card is more that gorgeous. Love the bold and artsy design!!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Fab hand-stitching, Virginia, and I love David's photography of the bridge!!