Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tips on Creating One Layer Wonder

Hello friends!
One of the great things about stamping lies in its simplicity.
Take one layer cards as an example. All you need to do is stamp the images. I am sharing a few tips with you as you may benefit from my trials and errors over my years of stamping.
I am using "Look for the Miracles" stamp set as my example.
I only used the small flowers, vines and leaves images to convey a thoughtful design. 


Where to start when you try to keep it one layer?
Ding---> start with a stamp that you love....

Tips on creating one layer:
~make sure your hands and fingers are clean: the unnecessary smudges are a nuisance. It helps to use a piece of paper to cover the card surface when stamping.
~plan out your design before stamping: stamp your design on a piece of scrap paper first (when possible). This will avoid wasting precious card stock.
~think about the beginning, the middle and the end: for this card, I planned out the invisible borders first. Then I stamped the flower and vines around. At the end, I stamped and fit the small images between spaces.
For the final touch, this card was embellished with Liquid Pearl Pearlescent. I want to mention that the Liquid Pearl Pearlescent is such a great accessory for creating one layers. They enhance the colors, dimensions and movement of the design without adding bulk.

Hope today's post gives you some inspiration about One Layer.
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Nicole Parmentier said...

Love how the flowers flow over paper, this design really has some movement! And the tip about the clean fingers.. oh I needed that when I started!!

Teresa Doyle said...

A beautiful card Virginia. I love that stamp set. A good tip on practicing your card design on scrap paper first. I don't do that but def. will now. I hate wasting my precious (expensive) CS.

~amy~ said...

super pretty card Virginia!

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Such a great design!

Harriet said...

Wonderful hints, Virginia. Your card is lovely, the colors are soothing but it's the composition that is the "heart of the matter". Not only have you perfectly balanced your design but you've given the "eye" a trail to follow. I never thought of stamping a card diagonally this way. I sure am going to give it a try. Thank you.

Karen B. said...

I am good when it comes to smudges, unfortunately. Your card is beautiful!

conil said...

So glad you reiterated these tips for me...I've had a lot of experience doing the direct opposite, much to my chagrin and the full trash bin that sits at my right hand. As to your card, as always, it's beautifully stamped tha the colors are gorgeous.

Pam said...

Beautiful card! Love your design.

LauraJane:) said...

Very nice OLW Virginia! I like the masking on the edges...great clean look:)

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Just love your dreamy stream of elements, Virginia! Great tips too!!

Barb Ghig said...

Another really beautiful one layer card, Virginia! I love the color palette, pretty! Thanks for sharing your creative tips with us, too...I always learn something when I visit your blog!
Oh, and thank you for the SSS coupon :)

Sheila H said...

The spring colors are so pretty. Love the design!

Valerie Breingan said...

Sensational tips.I got advice to visit from mayholic.Glad I listened.