Friday, July 8, 2016

Watercoloring Fun!

Hello friends! 
I am sharing a card with my favorite coloring medium--watercolors!
DSC_0356 (3)

The stamp set "Handwritten Floral Greetings" is perfect for creating a watercolor background!
To be honest, when I water-colored this card, I thought it turned into a disaster....
What happened was I decided to add grey/black to the background. Without thinking much... I did!!
And oh boy, I regretted right away and thought... what was I thinking!!?

Once that panic and regretful feeling set in, I just kept at it and added more and more yellow to the mix. Before you know was NOT THAT bad. LOL!
thank you for thinking of me
I am actually happy that I added that tint of black/grey to the mix!! It's the unexpected element that makes the card interesting. The optimistic side of me would say so.

 The take-away lesson: "Never fear or panic! You've got to live on the edge and try something new and different once in a while." Now I think this card has character, thanks to the dark edges and vintage vibe!
 Thanks for stopping by! 


wienerhoneymooners said...

MOST definitely NOT a disaster, LOVELY and watercolory GOODNESS, YAY so bling a bling too, just waht I am into lately too!!!

Bonnie said...

A happy accident that turned out beautifully! Don't you love that?

conil said...

Actually, that touch of darkness just makes your flower/leaf colors pop. It creates that contrast that I always find so elusive to do. Really is beautiful.

Karen B. said...

As usual, so beautiful!

Annette Allen said...

totally gorgeous..

Harriet said...

Often and accident turns into a beauty. I think your card is lovely.

alexandra s.m. said...

I love it! and these colors are awesome!!

Dawn Turley said...

A really beautiful card. Love the end result on the background.

Sheila H said...

Your card is gorgeous. The shading is very effective.

Lucy said...

Your card is lovely!
Those flowers are breathtaking.
We would never know about the
"Mistake" if you didn't tell us :-)

Teresa Doyle said...

I absolutely love this card Virginia, it's just beautiful!