Sunday, January 6, 2019

One Layer Sympathy Cards

Hello friends!

We all know Sympathy cards are the hardest to make ...but they are inevitable.
I was commissioned by our long time physician friend to create 10 Sympathy cards.

in this time of loss

Yes, he does go through a lot of sympathy cards since he has a large family practice.
I thought about my stamp collection and this one In My Thoughts was my choice.
This tree image has 3 layers and cane be easily mass produced.

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In My Thoughts

in this time of loss (2)

Once I finished stamping of the tree, I added the stenciled details with Halftone Stencil.
 You might notice that I love using only part of the stencil....

in this time of loss

In this case, I highlighted just the corners.
These cards are created with the same design but with various colors.
in this time of loss-002

Surprisingly, these 10 cards took me only about 30 minutes to create!
in this time of loss-003

You can certainly change up the sentiment to suit any occasions.

Lastly, I want to share a bit more personal and heartfelt....
Over Christmas, I visited my Father-in-law in his retirement home/Assisted Living. I often spent meal time with him and his table mates. One of the table mates was Craig. Craig was always friendly and happy to see me. I could tell that Craig's health was failing as he had multiple health issues. I often tried to cheer him up and talked to him about his specialty-Botany! We talked about plants and exotic trees... I know that the conversations always lifted his spirit.

in this time of loss-001

On Christmas Day, I asked Craig to think of me as his daughter visiting ( Craig was Caucasian and had no children).  I didn't know what made me say that. Perhaps it was Christmas Day or I simply felt that I NEEDED to convey that. Of course, I gave him one of my cards. Craig was so happy and told me my visits were the highlight of his day! That was that.
Just before New Year, I found out Craig passed away. I was so sad to hear that!!
  However, I was comforted  that I told Craig what he needed to hear for the very last time.
Good bye, Craig.

Thank you for stopping by!
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MadeByMeghanK said...

These are soooo hard to make but soooo important! Thank you for sharing!

Cindy C. said...

These are lovely. And there are many times that I scramble to make one. Guess I should plan ahead too!

Harriet said...

Sympathy cards are very challenging; however, you have shown us excellent ones. The colors are perfect as is the sentiment! I was glad to read you brought pleasure to Craig. We forget to extend ourselves to people when in actuality a simple hello can make someone's day nice.

conil said...

You're right, this is the card occasion that makes me sad and is so difficult to make. Always, I'm concerned about the right thing to say. This card set is lovely and the sentiment seems perfect.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend but I'm sure that knowing someone cared and he wasn't totally alone helped in his passing. Your intuition, kind words, warm heart and lovely card probably made his last days more bearable.

Sue D said...

Beautiful set of sympathy cards and sorry to hear about Craig passing but glad you were able to be a bright spot in his life.

Barbara said...

Little acts of kindness make someone's day! Blessings to you Virginia!

mindy1414 said...

I've looked at that tree stamp a few times but just couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Seeing your cards here I have decided I do want to get it. Sympathy cards are hard but this is a beautiful card and will be appreciated by anyone that receives it. Thank you for sharing your story about Craig, it sounds like you certainty helped him in his last days which is a wonderful thing - kindness always matters. Thank you also for sharing your beautiful cards and for the inspiration for something that none of us really want to make but need to.

Vikki H said...

This set of cards is comforting and will be a blessing for his practice and patients. Saturday I attended a memorial service for an older friend who unexpectedly died in her sleep mid-December. I last saw her in November at church but got side-tracked and did not connect that morning. Your gift of caring and kindness was heaven sent. Blessings, my friend. (PS. the stitching on the card you admired is from SSS stitched rectangles ;-)

Dawn T said...

what a stunning set Virginia. The look of the texture with the stenciling a perfect foil for the tree.

Denise Bryant said...

Beautiful set of cards!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Beautiful colours & I love the background too!

Monika Reeck said...

I read your Story Virginia
RIP to Craig :(
and you told the word that he must be soo happy to hear it.
we asia Lady has different heart than many Lady here in Europe...I ever have similar Situation too…
and I was touched read your Story Virginia...
Great Card and love the use of that stamp set..
I wish one day I can work too with a Stamp Company..
great post Virginia and happy new year..
hugs (I never Forget you my Hero Arts Flickr friend :))