Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Coloring The Outline Stamps

Hello friends!
Altenew Artist Markers

 A month ago, I was preparing for my 3-week long vacation/cruise. I needed to bring something crafty with me. So, I packed up my Altenew Artist Markers and Altenew Watercolor Pan Set

hope your day is fabulous

Watercoloring and Artist Markers were my lifesaver during the sea days. This past cruise was the calmest sea days that I had  in years! I didn't need to take any motion sickness pills as I am prone to motion sickness. It was so relaxing that I really enjoyed coloring and exploring more with the coloring medium. I know I needed to give myself TIME to practice and play.

fabulous day

The luxury that I had during the cruise? I could easily take my supplies to lounges and I was able to listen to live performances from the string quintet. Occasionally, I got asked about my supplies and coloring. Thus, a conversation with my fellow cruisers began....

 This card was colored entirely with Altenew Artist Markers.
Lastly, did you know that Altenew Artist Markers now have Artist Markers Refills?

hope your day is fabulous-001

I used glaze/stencil paste along with the Dotty Stencil (see links below).

I saw it on Scrapbook.com

American Crafts - Mixed Media Collection - Glaze - Iridescent — $5.24

American Crafts - Mixed Media Collection - Glaze - Iridescent

fabulous day-001

The silver-embossed sentiment really stands out. Love that!
Today I am planning to see the new movie "Crazy Rich Asians"... should be fun. 

Here is one of the live performances during my cruise. Enjoy!

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Dawn T said...

Beautiful Virginia. Your flowers looked painted not coloured with markers. Very cleverly done

jordanbev5@yahoo.com said...

What a precious card as well as time spent relaxing! Beautiful coloring by the way!! Love that you always thrill me with you extra details like the Dotty stencil with the iridescent glaze applied. Beautifully done! Enjoy the movie too! My friends highly recommended it!

Purple Princess said...

The flower is just stunning!!

Sue D said...

Very pretty!

Stacey Kowbel said...

Gorgeous colouring! I love the white outline!

Teresa Doyle said...

Such a beautiful card Virginia and I love the performance, they are really good!

conil said...

How lovely, coloring to music. And without seasickness pills...lucky girl. Apparently, the practice you got was worth it. This card is absolutely beautiful. Love the colors and texture and the silver embossing.
I should have kept practicing my violin, cello and viola...I could have played and cruised.

Daria Z. said...

Just beautiful, Virginia! Love the color combo.

Patti H. said...

A beautiful card, Virginia! Love the coloring!

Denise Bryant said...

So pretty with the white embossed outline! Beautiful coloring!

b.p. said...

Wow, I didn't know markers could do this! Do they tend to bleed through lightweight paper?

Virginia L. said...

b.p.---> Yes, medium to heavy weight paper is best for heavy alcohol markers coloring. I had no trouble in using the markers and they did not bleed through much. You do run the risk of bleeding through with lightweight paper. However, as long as you use a piece of paper underneath, it would not pose a problem.