Monday, December 10, 2018

Inky Session #5

Hello friends!
I am back for another installment of Inky Session.

Today's project is turning my very inky paper into a Clean and Simple one.

Luckily, I have the right die "Birds on a Wreath" to showcase this idea.

As a result of this inky paper that I created,I was able to use it in many projects.

Here is my CAS interpretation of the "Birds on a Wreath".
Merry Christmas -003

Noticed the bird had moved?
I didn't alter the die, I simply cut and pasted the bird (perched on top).
I positioned the bird and let it face towards the red bird at the bottom.
Merry Christmas-003

Not only this creates interest and it also saves some space.
It allows me to create a smaller square card.

To ground the image, I took part of the stamp from "Xmas Sprig" 
 (a great stamp) and lightly stamped a small border.
Merry Christmas (2)

More ideas on S---T---R---E---T---C---H this "Birds on a Wreath"die.... 
1. trim off the ornaments and take the top bird down. Let the two birds face each other.
You can create Valentine/love, Congratulations, Anniversary-themed cards

2. trim off the ornaments and use just one bird. You can create Thanking of you, Hugs, Sympathy cards. 

3. trim off the ornaments and birds. You can stack a few wreaths to create an elaborate wreath. You can add ANY sentiment.  Wreath with white card stock will look great, too!

4. trim off the ornaments and make extra birds (as many as you want to represent your family numbers or group). This makes a great "from us to you" card.

👉Takeaway lesson: do not always use the die as is. Think of other creative ways to utilize them. First, you would be very happy that you can use a die over and over again and not getting tired of the same image. Secondly, your spouse will thank you for being such a genius and not having to spend a ton of $$ (haha!). 
  ..... I know there are more ideas, but these are the ones on top of my little head.
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Thank you for your wonderful wishes on the birthday yesterday. 
I had a FABULOUS day and enjoyed a party hosted by my dear friend Linda.
The kids got me a Fitbit and Dr. John almost got me a Rolex ( but I said no).
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Ksenija @Sweet Kobylkin said...

Virginia, this is such a beautiful card! I love your idea to place the upper bird lower and have in green colour. - Sweet Kobylkin

Denise Bryant said...

Love the colors on your pretty card! Awesome die!

Chandhini said...

That is genius, love the ways to use that die. The card is awesome with shades of colors.

Teresa Doyle said...

What a beautiful wreath die and the colours look awesome on it.
Happy belated birthday Virginia, sound like you had a wonderful day.

Harriet said...

Wonderful, wonderful.............your ideas and encouragement to 'think' is much appreciated. The vibrancy of your card simply sings!

Vikki H said...

Love this card and its birdies! So smart to move it down, maybe they'll redesign the die as it does fit well on the lower part of the wreath. I love your step by step directions even more than videos as I absorb more through words. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your birthday week!!

Daria Z. said...

Virginia, I just love this card! Simple and so pretty. And, thanks for some great ideas on how to stretch this die.

Dawn T said...

Stunning. The mixed colours look amazing on the wreath. Cleverly done Virginia.