Monday, September 23, 2019

Post-Wedding and Share

Hello friends!!
First of all, thank you soooo much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my daughter's wedding.
We had a beautiful day and the ceremony was meaningful.
My almost 93-year old Father-in-law was also present. Even though with his dementia, he did not comprehend what the event was about, we were glad that he was able to attend.
The wedding program much focused on faith as Greg and Stephanie are Christians.
They hope to reach out to more Christians and friends who are seeking in Christ through their marriage. It was an amazing wedding indeed.

I am glad that I got a hold of the official photo from the wedding photographer and thought you might like to have a peek!!?

Thanks to your encouragement, I actually created more cards with the LEFTOVER CIRCLES.
 I will start a CIRCLE Series from now on.....
Have a great day and week ahead! 
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Greta said...

The bouquets are so elegant & beautiful--something I might choose! The wedding photo is one of the best I've ever seen--what a treasure! Can't wait to see what else you've done with the circles, Virginia!

Rose said...

what a beautiful photo it shows how happy they are :)

Vikki H said...

The photo is absolutely gorgeous as are the bouquets. You'll enjoy these memories forever. I'm looking forward to your circles series.

Cindy C. said...

Thanks for sharing some sweet moments of this special day with us Virginia. Looking forward to see the Circle series!!

Dawn T said...

Beautiful Virginia. You have every right to feel proud of your daughter. She and her new husband look so happy. Thank you for sharing the photos. Can't wait to see your circle creations.

Sue D said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. said...

Beautiful photo of the happy couple!

Joy Meadows said...

I can see the love they have for each other in this beautiful photo of them! So good to hear they are Christians!! May the Lord bless them with many happy years together. Your circle series sounds like it will be so much fun!!

conil said...

What a beautiful photo. You can just see the joy oozing out from both of their faces. Stephanie looks so lovely in her gown and her groom looks distinguished and handsome in his tux. It must have been wonderful to have your father-in-law included...weddings are definitely for families.

Karthikha said...

Beautiful photo, I'm sure they enjoyed every moment! :)

desperatehousewifecraft said...

She is gorgeous, I love her dress! And her husband is so handsome too. I loved the programme you created for the wedding, how wonderful! Congratulations to the couple and to you and your hubby too! Hugs, Gwendolyn

Denise Bryant said...

Lovely photo of the happy couple! Stephanie's dress is just gorgeous!