Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ethereal Orchid on Paper (& Winner Announcement)

Hello friends!

I hope that you are not tired of seeing another Craft-a-Flower Orchids! This is my 4th version and likely the last (for now). 

This is what happened when you have a beautifully-designed die that you keep finding new ways of using the product. But first, I'd like the definition of the word.
4 cards
"ethereal": extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Consisting of ether; hence, exceedingly light or airy; tenuous; spiritlike; characterized by extreme delicacy, as form, manner, thought, etc. 
This is my 1st version. I ink-blended the petals and water-colored the leaves and stems.
 Altenew-Craft-A-Flower Orchids-Window Slatts 3D Embossing Folder-Sentiment Strips 3 Stamp Set
My 2nd version is close to the first version. I used strong color color contrast and added a stenciled background.
0120-2023-Altenew-Craft-A-Flower Orchids-Double Rainbow Stencil-Well Read Stamp Set -003
It then occurred to me to try using vellum.... thus,.... this is my 3rd version.
 0120-2023-Altenew-Craft-A-Flower Orchids-Mini Instant Camera Frame Die-003
With that, I thought of trying to use white paper and vellum together. That's how I made the 4th version.

thank you for everything -001

The white-paper orchid center was colored with Alcohol Marker.

thank you -007

I love the luminous look of the vellum. The white paper provides are very realistic look as well.

thank you

Combining various petals seems like a good idea.

thank you for everything

I really love how similar with all of the cards are and yet, each one is so different on its own.

4 cards -001

Do you have a favorite?

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Last, but certainly not the least, it brings me a great pleasure to announce the TWO lucky random commenters! 

Every month, Altenew offers two giveaway to my followers/readers. I am thankful for your frequent visits and that you take some precious time to leave me a comment. Your feedback and comments are the energy boost that keep me going. Without further ado, here are the two winners. 

Sharon B. and Meghan K.

5 comments: said...

Love all the cards! I also love the word
"ethereal"! It certainly fits - dainty
and delicate!

Denise Bryant said...

Love these beautiful orchid cards!
Congrats to your winners!

Dawn T said...

stunning cards - those orchids are fabulous. Totally awesome cards.

MadeByMeghanK said...

Thank you soooo much for the win!
GORGEOUS ORCHIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Tamp said...

I really enjoy this set. Nice ideas on how to layer.