Friday, January 27, 2023

Have Fun and Experiment with Your Supplies

Hello friends!

I  recently created an expected card.  I meant to do the regular dry-embossing....I ended doing de-boss instead. This is what it is "supposed to" look like after running the 3D Embossing Folder through the die cut machine.  

This card was dry-embossed on white card stock

hello friend-3D EF-CSOM--CDOM-January 2023

and this one was created with the colored cardstock

you brighten my day (3D EF) 

 Let me refresh your memory about debossing. 

Debossing is the opposite of embossing as you are creating an indent in the material you are using. A metal die is stamped onto the front of the material you are using causing depressions that leave a (debossed) imprint of the image on your paper, card stock (or other chosen material)

thinking of you

 You can definitely de-boss first and ink up the images. But this was not what I did here.

thinking of you -001

 I swiped the ink pad across the 3 D Embossing Folder and THEN dry-embossed it.

thinking of you -003

 You can add details by re-deboss it or add colors after running it through the die-cut machine. The main thing is you need to experiment and have fun with your supplies. 

Virginia Lu-3D Embossing Folder-January 2023-001

 Enjoying the process is the key to happy crafting. Often times, this will result a project or two that make you even happier.

 thinking of you -002

 This was my experience with this project. I was slightly upset when I did the de-bossing by accident, but in the end, I am truly happy with the result and was glad that I didn't give up.

Thanks for stopping by! 


Dawn T said...

Stunning cards Virginia. It's a fabulous folder - looks perfect both ways.

MadeByMeghanK said...

The embossing folder is incredible! Great colors!!!!!!!!!!

Marjeta said...

OMG! Those cards are fantastic.

Denise Bryant said...

Beautiful embossing folder design, embossed and debossed! Love the cards you created! I have had to test a folder with a scrap to see which way I preferred... said...

These are very pretty! It’s a gorgeous embossing folder
And I like both versions!šŸ’—šŸ’—

Ms. Tamp said...

Great look to both sides of the folder. Nice tips for adding color.

Linda BL said...

Both versions or your card are gorgeous! I like them equally well. Either way you have a winner!