Thursday, February 20, 2020

Make Your Own Color Cardstock

Hello friends!
I don't know about you, but I often have trouble sourcing the right color card-stock.
Therefore, I tend to create with white card base. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
However, it can get a little boring. To remedy that, I set out to make my own colored card-stock.
I am using Ornate Cover Die as my example.
The Ornate Cover Die over is currently on sale (now $16.78). 
Today's card was created with my own color card stock.

There are two ways that I can easily think of:
1. Direct Ink to Paper: namely, you take your ink pad and swipe the ink directly to the white cardstock. This is likely the easiest and most effective. This can be slightly blotchy.
2. Ink-blending: simply take out your ink and applied ink with your brushes to paper. This most often resulted a smoother and softer blend. 


A few months ago, I bought myself a Gel Press and now I find that this is another fun way to add colors to white cardstock.
congratulations -001

I applied three colors to the plate and once dry, I ran it with the Ornate Cover Die through the die cut machine. I then added butterflies and completed the design.

I love how effortless it is to transfer color from the Gel Press to paper. The inking was nearly smooth and seamless. Here is another one I did in my previous project.


I hope today's post is helpful and informative to you.

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Dawn T said...

Awesome Virginia. I don't remember to use my Gel Plate like this. Must remember to do so said...

These are very pretty! Making up your own custom coloured
paper makes the end result more special and definitely hand made!

Karthikha said...

I love your creations using the ornate die! And even I don't have a lot of colored cardstock, I tend to use direct to paper technique for matching mats :)

I Card Everyone said...

You've really outdone your marvelous self today, Virginia!! OMG I love this!!

Sue D said...

Beautiful. I have been thinking of getting a gel press.

conil said...

Exquisite delicacy of this cover plate...and, of course, I love the colors you've chosen on both cards. I have gel plates I've never used...better open those packages.

Harriet said...


Ms. Tamp said...

I like the idea to create a paper that coordinates with the project you have in mind. This is great for limited craft space.

Greta said...

So pretty, Virginia! I like using direct to paper for the edges of a mat so it will match my focal point. I still need to use my geli plate--if I can find it--haha!

Denise Bryant said...

These are so pretty! I have a gel press plate that I haven't tried yet!

Maura said...

This is a great way to "dress up" a white bg, Virginia!! And then the rest of the card can be simply done but it still packs a punch!!! Love them, especially the second one!

ionabunny said...

Beautiful die. Gorgeous cards. Hugz

Purple Princess said...

so gorgeous