Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Create LAYERS, Not Bulk

Hello friends! 
Hope you are keeping well and healthy.
Before I share today's card, I like to point out that I do share a snippets of life via Instagram.
Since Dr. John is life long friend of Lego, I used a lot of Lego for My Story.
 You can find "Lego Life" under the highlights along with my cooking and baking. See HERE.
I have been on a kick with this Penny Black Die called Creative Corner.

If I am every stuck in an island, this is the kind of die that I would take with me.
It may look simple, but the die proves to be quite invaluable.
may your day bloom with happiness

For today's card, I used the Creative Corner.  as a stencil. 
For the area that I wanted to cover, I applied inks and adjust the "stencil" as I applied ink.
may your day-001

You can make it as big/small as you want because you can move the stencil around.
 Really, a little die like this goes a long way!
May your day

I'd admit.... I am cheap thrifty. My preference is NOT to spend money on getting masking paper. 
 I am pretty sure they work beautifully.  Copy paper, acetate, vellum can be used as masking paper.
I used address label paper.  They really work great for me.
may your day-002

 I added a few die cuts and focal points for the rest of the design. Please refer the products in my following links. Here are a few other cards I shared previously.
enjoy -002plant smiles -002thanks
 Hope you enjoy today's post. I have MORE to share about  Creative Corner.
Thank you for stopping by!


Karthikha said...

So pretty! Love stretching the die to be a stencil and the frame die is awesome too :)

Nora Noll said...

This is so pretty!! I LOVE how you stretched this stencil!!

MadeByMeghanK said...

These are stunning! I LOVE the layering and soft colors in the background!

Denise Bryant said...

Awesome die design! Love the way you used it as a stencil!

Sue D said...

I like how you created this beautiful background.

lindasartisticcards said...

These are beautiful and such great ideas for sharing in today's quarantine .

Harriet said...

Your pies are beautiful and Dr. John's legos wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your card is great, you are sooooooooooooooooooo right about masking paper....I bought a roll and it's useless, I use post it papers.

conil said...

You're right, this is definitely the desert island kind of die. Used as a stencil it looks terrific on your card. I love watering cans for some unknown reason, so this card is right up my alley. said...

This is a great way to stretch our stash to use in many ways! Love your springtime card and freshness!

Dawn T said...

I love using my cover dies as stencils. This die made a fabulous stencil and your cards are simply delightful.

Linda BL said...

I think you have convinced me to use cover dies as stencils! Love all the cards, especially the one for this post!

Maura said...

I haven't used this die as a stencil yet, thanks for the reminder!!! Fab card!!

Ms. Tamp said...

I like this idea to extend the use.

Purple Princess said...

beautiful cards