Monday, November 27, 2017

Use The Glitter Paper and a little Giveaway!

Hello friends!
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Onto today's post....
Are you one of those people that hoards glitter paper and not using all.?
I am using this following stamp set as an example.

Clearly, this cute Christmas Squad set is made for coloring...
(click photo to shop)
I saw it on Simon Says Stamp

Simon Says Clear Stamps CHRISTMAS SQUAD sss101713

However, I thought of a way not having to do any bit of coloring.
 Simply stamp on pattern paper and glitter paper!
from Our Squad to Yours, Merry Christmas
Wait..... stamp on glitter paper?
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that to stamp on the BACKSIDE of the glitter paper. ๐Ÿ˜
Since the stamp is Christmas tree-shaped and symmetrical, you can do this without any fanfare. 

from ours to yours

The glitter paper you see here are:
I saw it on Simon Says Stamp

Tonic SILVER SCREEN A4 Glitter Card 9941e

I saw it on Simon Says Stamp

Tonic CANDY FLOSS A4 Glitter Card 9951e
I saw it on Simon Says Stamp

Tonic TROPICAL TIDE A4 Glitter Card 9950e

I stamped the sentiment in Delicata Rose Gold.
It is lovely and is much like any of the Delicata Ink series.


For Simon Says Stamp Cyber Week, this Otterly delightful stamp set is the feature.
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I saw it on Simon Says Stamp

Lawn Fawn Cyber Week Exclusive SET LF17SETFVR FRIENDS FOREVER Limited Edition Clear Stamps and Dies

 Lastly, I am very tempted to order this following die cut machine as my Cuttlebug is in its 8th year!๐Ÿ˜ฌ! I think it's gonna die any time as the cranking handle is getting loose.
It is getting harder to cut large intricate dies.
 Do you have a favorite?
I want a mid-large size machine that can handle cutting cover dies. What do you think?

I saw it on Spellbinders

Grand Calibur Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

The price itself is hard to beat--only $69.50!
I know I share this sale many times with you here, perhaps it's time for ME to put into action!!?
Please leave a comment in this post and tell me what die cut machine do you have and how do you like it?

I will draw a random commenter to receive a $10 Concord & 9th Gift Card.
Thank you for shopping with me in the last few days and admiring putting up with my incessant sales ad! I appreciate that you use my links and that you find them annoying helpful.

I will announce the gift card winner on Thursday's post, I promise.
The sun is shining and the air is a little chilly, but it is beautiful out there!
Thank you for stopping by!

edited: on Nov. 28th, Tuesday (click photo for details)


Denise Bryant said...

You are reminding me to dig out that glitter paper... gotta find it first!
I use an older die cut machine called a QuicKutz Revolution. I love it, as it has a metal base that is magnetized and it cuts intricate dies very well! But it's no longer available. When it croaks, I will probably get a BigShot.

Betty said...

I just bought the Spellbinders Platinum 6 to replace my sadly gradually wearing out Cuttlebug. So far am loving it - it's lightweight, compact and cuts beautifully.

pcm said...

so... i may have not only 1 but 4 die cut machines but the one i use the most is my spellbinders grand calibur.... and yes, i do have a hoard of glitter paper too!

Glennis F said...

I still have my original Cuttlebug and wouldn't be without it!

Lisa Elton said...

Your card is festive and adorable Virginia! I have the SB Grand Caliber. It's holding up great after at least 10 years!

Barbara said...

I had a Cuttlebug, but went to a Big Shot by Sizzix! I love it. Oh, and I gave the Cuttlebug to a friend, who loves it, too! Die cuts from glitter paper are awesome! :)

Dawn T said...

Gorgeous. I am on my second Cuttlebug. It suits me as it's a good size for my room/space.

Purple Princess said...

Gorgeous! I end up hoarding my glitter paper but I should use it! I have a cuttle bug but I kind of want a big shot. said...

Hi Virginia, Love your glittery card!
A number of years ago I replaced my Cuttlebug with the
Grand Calibur and have been more than happy. I do use the
Cuttlebug occasionally for the old little dies!

Susi said...

I love everything "glitter" (including your fabulous card!). In fact, I recently purchased a shirt for my 5-yr old Granddaughter that says "You Had Me At Glitter" :-) I too have an older Cuttlebug that has seen better days, so am looking to replace it. I wish I could take advantage of that amazing Spellbinder sale, but the shipping to Canada almost eliminates the savings. May have to wait for a shopping trip to the U.S.

Sue D said...

Cute card with all the glittery trees. I have a Sizzix Big Kick that I found in the damaged section at Michaels quite a few years ago. The only damage was the plastic packaging when someone opened it and then decided to return it so I got it for $25 and it is still working great.

Linda BL said...

I have a Sizzix Bigshot die cutting machine and absolutely love it. I must admit that it is the only one I have used.
I too am a glitter paper hoarder! The card with the trees is really cute!

JmB said...

Hoarder of glitter paper? Yes and not very proud of it. Need to break it out and get creative. Thanks for sharing some great ways to use it. I got a Big Shot for Christmas last year. That got me in to card making. I work at my dining table out of roller bins, so I'm asking for a side kick for Christmas this year for those quick and small die cutting activities. Good luck with your decision!

Jen P said...

Fun card! I'm still using my original Cuttlebug for my die cutting machine.

alexandra s.m. said...

What an adorable card Virginia!

Martha Herrera said...

I have the Big Shot - that's black and pink. It's very old (I don't think they sell them anymore), but it's still works!

Thank you for sharing with us all the awesome sales.

Patt H. said...

Thanks for reminding me to get my glitter papers out & use them. I am so careful with it that I heard very small PC's in case I need to cut out a letter or berry. I have a bagful of scrap so I don't have to cut into a new piece.๐Ÿ˜† My machine is the Big Shot & I love it. I also have a cuttlebug & only got the big shot as some of the dies & embossing folders were too big for the cuttlebug.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Oh, yes! I do hoard my glitter paper and try to use even the littlest pieces somehow. They can be punched for great additions to cards now and then. One of my favorite things with the glitter scraps is to make little circle punches and use them as embellishment or decor on Christmas trees. I have a Crossover which has a dial on it to make the rollers tighter or looser as to need and I love it. I had a Big Kick before and it got so hard for me to crank that I finally gave it away and bought this Crossover which is much easier on my arms.

Linda S. said...

Thanks for reminding us to use our hoarded glitter paper. I also save almost every scrap, and keep it in a special file holder. The invention of the glitter paper that doesn't shed was a godsend, and I won't buy anything else. My die cut machine is a re-gifted Cuttlebug, so I am so very thankful to have it. It suits my needs, but it seems the plates are getting thinner and have to be replaced more frequently. Love your tree card for sending through the mail.

Joy Meadows said...

Hi, Virginia! Your card is so pretty! I have a Sizzix Big Shot die cutter and love it. Glitter paper is one of the best papers for cutting word dies for the holidays. But, I recently bought a pad from Michael's that sheds and sheds and sheds. And sheds some more. So, be extra vigilant when buying glitter papers; not all of them are worth the aggravation. Happy Holidays to you.

conil said...

You annoying...NEVER! As far as your card goes, all that glitter is beautiful but my eyes went straight to the patterned paper one. With the glittery trees as a backdrop, it really stands out As far as the Grand Caliber goes, I've heard it's really sturdy and cuts nicely. It should work well for cover dies.

Arlene said...

I still have my original Cuttlebug, with handle that falls out if you don't watch it, but still quite usable if I need it. I use my Vagabond now, but the Cuttlebug is great for packing up. Love your ideas on using that glitter paper. :)

Helen Gullett said...

I own a WRMK Evolution Advanced for 5 years now... I like it because I can cut, emboss, and letter press. Simple sandwich too :)

Harriet said...

Mine is a Big Kick by Sizzix. I've had it for years. It works good. Sadly I ruined my platform and purchased a replacement that is very long. I did to buy new plastic plates...some day. I have glitter paper but no tree dies. I love your trees.

Virginia L. said...

Thanks so much, everyone, I love reading your comments and see what die cut machine you all use!
Harriet: these trees are not cut from tree dies...I fussy cut them after stamping the tree on the backside. The old-fashioned way works like a charm still.

Teresa Doyle said...

Hi Virginia, your card is sweet, I have a LOT of glitter paper to use, I just nรจed some time to use it. Lol
BTW, if you pop the little button out of the handle on your Cuttlebug, you can tighten the crank, also a metal shim helps for cutting cover plates. Hope this helps.

McStamper said...

I have lots of glitter paper that I always have to have and rarely use. I have an eBosser that I rarely use and a Spellbinder Platinum. Love your card and pretty trees. I always enjoy your blog and appreciate all of your great ideas and inspiration.

loulou said...

What do you mean hoard paper. I'm saving the glitter paper for just that special project, like all my pretty paper, lol. I have 3 die cut machines. The original cuttlebug, the big shot and the EZcut. I mostly use the big shot which sits on my desk. But I do use the cuttlebug for embossing with the rubber mats as I get the sandwich right. However the EZcut which I bought because it can cut A4 size sadly sits in its box and never used because it is too big and bulky.

Jennifer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the trees!! Fantastic idea - my brain is clicking along with other glittery projects - thanks for your inspiration

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

This is such a fun card !