Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Concord & 9th--Dahlia Tunrabout Stamp/Die and More

Hello friends! 

I am popping in with THREE of one stamp set of Concord & 9th.
hello gorgeous
Currently, there is a sale on the Dahlia Turnabout Stamp & Die (20% off)


Here is another version with this stamp set with the coordinating die.
hi sunshine-001
 I love how intricate this card is and yet it is very do-able thanks to the matching die.
hi sunshine

Last but certainly not the least, this one seemed to be the most favorite of the 3.

Happy Everything

As you can see, this type of stamp and dies are super fun to create with.
This is the BEST chance to get the discount as the popular items are all sold out.

Happy EVerything

One final thing, unless that you are living under a rock...

You may know that WHO (World Heath Organization) just formally recognized today that Coronavirus (Covid-19) is now a world wide pandemic. In the last few months, we know and hear more and more about this infectious disease. It is getting hard not to be impacted by it. As an avid traveler in the past, I am very thankful that I am not on a cruise or traveling at the moment.

You can take good care by washing hands thoroughly for 20 sec. and practicing "Social-Distancing".
 HERE is an article that might be helpful to you if you are not clear on this topic. 
Regrettably, I will not attend any major crowd event which includes the yearly ScrapFest in April (it happens to be on Dr. John's birthday).  I may be over-reacting, but I think it is the right thing to do for the health and sanity of my family and community. We need to get this infectious disease under control. Thankfully, crafting is very safe at our /your own home. Let's keep calm and craft on.

I appreciate that you stop by. Please take good care.


Denise Bryant said...

So pretty! Love the Turnabout designs... so far, I only have one though. It sounds like I should check out the sale!

Maria Giselle B. said...

Love your Dahlia Turn-About cards. I haven't tried this kind of products by Concord and 9th yet, and I know I really should. On the CODIV, yes, be extra careful. Social distancing is not new to me since I do call my self an anti-social because I prefer to be home if I am not at work or being with my son/s in games or practices. I postponed my trip this year to visit my parents in the Philippines. I do pray that this will be controlled this year.

Dawn T said...

Beautiful cards Virginia. I'm hoping by July all will be on the improve with COVID-19 so I can attend NZ's big craft fair. There's only 5 cases here in NZ - three on Auckland's North Shore where I live but not close by. Hope it doesn't spread here. Take care of yourself too

Ms. Tamp said...

I like the second combination best, but the third card came in close. Please take care and hopefully we can all work on boosting our immune system with vit c, d, magnesium, and zinc to name a few and keep our health up.

Sue D said...

I like the different looks you achieved.
Stay healthy. We are staying home as much as possible.

Janis Godwin Spear said...

I love the turn-about designs, and have yet to get any, but the sale looks good :)

Your cards are gorgeous, and I think I like the 3rd one best.

Here's to all of us washing hands and hopefully also all keeping safe.

Have a lovely week.

Linda BL said...

Your cards using the Turnabout Dahlia are really pretty! Thanks for sending the article. The video was very informative---was interesting
to see how things are being handled in Canada.

MadeByMeghanK said...

Oooo I love that Dahlia and the turnabout is sooooo pretty!

Purple Princess said...

Such amazing cards!

Karthikha said...

Ooh super colorful and awesome inspirations!! Loving this set more now! :)

Harriet said...

Wonderful cards, I'm glad you're not on a ship too!

Maura said...

Love, love, Virginia!! Such bright and pretty cards with classic Virginia colors!!!