Sunday, April 29, 2018

Virginia's Stencil Sunday #7

Hello friends!
It's time for Stencil Sunday Series!
This week, I am featuring

 I used part of the stencil and created a colorful border on top.
for my sweet friend (2)

This can be easily done with a cut out paper as mask from the stencil.
I used the mask in one small section at a time.
With the colorful border, I thought this goes well with a birthday/celebratory theme.
The Layered Cupcake Stamp Set is perfect for this.
for my sweet friend (3)

I really want to show off the colorful border, so I kept the cupcake image sweet and simple.

for my sweet friend (1)

The only thing I did was to dress up the cupcake image with some thick Glitter!
You can apply the idea to other stencils by partially stenciling them.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!
 Here are the last 6 week's stencil series.


cm said...

Beautiful border and a yummy cupcake = win-win for the eyes AND the taste buds! Love this!

Denise Bryant said...

That makes a pretty border! Love the colors.... and the cupcake!

conil said...

The border looks amazing, Virginia. Fits right into my rainbow state of mind right now. Adding the bling to the cupcake's frosting was a fantastic idea.

Barb Ghig said...

Super cute card, Virginia! I love how you put all the fabulous colors into the stencil and stamped just the outline of your clever!

Harriet said...

Another brilliant idea.........use part of a stencil. Virginia you share such great idea and I truly appreciate you and your creations and ideas!!!

Sue D said...

I like the sweet and simple cupcake image with the colorful border.

Lisa Elton said...

This is terrific! It looks like all of the arrows are pointing at that yummy cupcake!

Linda BL said...

What a cool way to brighten up a vanilla cupcake!!

Purple Princess said...

I love the use of the stencil!

Misty Elam said...

Sweet card. I love that you used the stencil on only part of the card.